Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Barefoot Lili (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Lili fights sans boots in this cool VS match in Streetfighter X Tekken.

As awesomely hot and sexy it is to see videogame babes doing battle in their skimpy swimsuits, there's unmistakably an appeal as well to see our virtual hotties in their usual, default costumes sans footwear. This was perhaps best demonstrated in Tekken 6, oh that godly chapter of Tekken, which gave us barefoot customization for most of the characters, including several of the roster's lovely ladies. Of course, the best one in my opinion to see then and now is the gorgeous Lili Rochefort. The first time I saw that first-ever pic of Lili in Tekken 6 without her boots, my heart skipped a beat. That was just so HOT.
Ever since, my Lili in Tekken 6 has never worn her boots ever again, heheh.

First-ever pic of Lili barefooted in Tekken 6.

Well, it's kind of odd that it's only just now, with the help of modder repinscourge, that I can also have my barefooted teen heiress as well in Streetfighter X Tekken. It was a mod done by my own request, so once again I have to thank repinscourge profusely. There just is something so hot and cute about Lili, bootless in her skirted white dress- perhaps its those impossibly hot and long legs, the penchant for silky white panty shots and just the sight of those soft, fleshy soles... sigh.

Well, that was in Tekken 6 though. In Streetfighter X Tekken, it's not quite the same- her more cartoony proportions may not appeal to everyone (though her feet do look nice even so), and weirdly enough her underwear seems to resemble silken granny pants. Oh well, she's still so cute and enthralling to see in action... even if both her partner and the opposing babes are all in pretty much bikinis. Lili is Lili.

Unfortunately, we still don't know if Tekken 7 will get barefoot customization. Seeing how much better Lili looks in that game I do hope so... darn, I really hope so. Till then though, well, we'll always have Tekken 6 and Streetfighter X Tekken Lili to bare her soles for us to our heart's content. Enjoy the vid!

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