Sunday, January 20, 2013

Barefoot Beach Babes in Dead or Alive 5 Plus?

Hitomi, barefoot and NOT in her karate gi? My Gosh!

Last year's return of Dead or Alive 5 surely pleased a lot of its longtime fans... but as well sorely disappointed foot lovers. There were bikinis aplenty for the lovely DOA ladies, but ALL of them came with footwear. Apparently Team Ninja as a whole have no clue that feet are sexy- well, the ones who handle their Facebook page surely don't, as they seemed to be puzzled that a lot of people were asking for a Shoe Toggle option in the game. It even reached a point where someone set up a petition asking for it (which gathered at least the needed amount of 100 signatures). After that though, there hasn't been word or sign of them answering footfans' wishes... until now.

Finally, a DOA game where both fighting AND gravure fan service mix and match.

Judging from the trailer above, the upcoming Playstation Vita port of DOA5, titled Dead or Alive 5 Plus, will have some of the girls wearing outfits where they are barefoot. Hitomi the karate hottie, plus kunoichis Kasumi and Ayane are shown shoeless as they cavort on the new beach stage, 'Zack Island'.

Logically and hopefully, all the girls will have barefoot outfits or have a Shoe Toggle so they can kick off their bothersome sandals and boots and show off their perfect soles. It's something we footfans have been wishing for, and perhaps something great. Great enough to warrant purchasing a Vita? We'll see. DOA5 Plus is out this coming March. I'll keep my eyes on this.


  1. isnt enjoyable when its on portable :(

  2. Hopefully dlc for console versions. I like my feet in Hi res.

  3. Chances on being able to enjoy the new stuff on PS3 are good since they are talking up cross-platform play. Again, all we can do is hope for the best.