Monday, January 14, 2013

Alva (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Surely one of the most alluring faces (and feet) you'll meet in Skyrim...

It's been a while, but though I haven't been posting a ton of stuff from this awesome RPG, I actually have never really stopped playing Skyrim. It's just too cool a game with too sexy feet to leave for too long. Of course, that goes without saying that I'm talking about the divine PC version, with mods installed to turn the otherwise horrific, deformed bare feet of the vanilla version into luscious peds that would make any foot fan drool.
Anyways I focus yet again on another sexy NPC and femme fatale you'll encounter in the game- the seductive Alva. You'll meet this beauty in the town of Morthal, where she is involved in a quite messy and tragic affair that has you investigating for some dirty secrets. It eventually leads to you breaking into her home and, most probably putting an end to her since she's an evil vampire bent on enslaving the place. Oh well.

Even when I played the game on the PS3, Alva was already fetching without the aid of body and face mods to beautify the usually-weathered and wrinkled look of the default character models. But as you can see here, with mods like CBBE (with FemFeet) and Coverwomen (my face mod of choice), she is dangerously hot as the temptress that she should be. Of course, to view her barefoot you're gonna have to take her down (as you would most of the random babes you'll enounter) but then you also get to pose her as you wish- best I guess in her dark cellar of a lair, which comes with a convenient coffin. Hey, before you finished her off, she was already undead anyway.

Sadly I didn't have the Dead Thrall spell yet when I visited Morthal the first time, so I wasn't able to have Alva along for a trip this time, like I did on the PS3 game. But then again, I have these rather dramatic posed pics as a souvenir of some memorable undead vixen toes to dream in the darkness...

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