Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mai Shiranui KOFXIII, Real-Bout Style!

Mai shows off her toes, thanks to fellow footfan, Kross!

It took me a while to see this, but heck, better late than never. As I've posted before, hot kunoichi Mai Shiranui is part of the roster in the latest King of Fighters game, but sadly as is the case with the KOF games, she wears full, foot-covering tabi. Well, as I requested in the original post I did for Mai in KOFXIII, someone took the time and effort to photoshop away those unsightly coverings and give Mai her sexy, open-toed look from the awesome Real Bout games. Thanks to our reader and fellow foot fan Kross for taking the time to do an awesome Photoshop job! Mai's toes look amazing! Awesome work! Now, all we need to do is to somehow get Kross a job in SNK...

Even More Malicious! (PS3)

Malicious' female heroine showing some costume malfunctions.

I've posted earlier this month about Malicious, the downloadable fantasy action game on PS3, which features a spirit hero whom you can also get in female form, who features nicely exposed toes. Well, apparently as you incur damage along the way, you lose clothing as well, as seen in the pic above. This of course should lead to nicer views of the spirit heroine's lovely legs and feet, something that is always a pleasure. There's a bit of a wrinkle though- as you take damage, you also lose body parts... as in, your body starts fading away, sadly starting from the feet (it's game over once you lose half your bod). Luckily as far as I can tell you can heal yourself (restoring your lost leggies) but your clothing remains torn (yeah).

Interesting. Anyway, here are a couple more pics of the lovely heroine, taking a little break from the action via turning her mystical cape-thingie into a chair (How convenient!).


Looks like someone can use cheering up... how about a nice, soothing foot massage?

Best of all, I found a 9-minute gameplay vid which shows off the lovely Spirit Heroine in action, including the clothing damage mechanic which exposes her feet and legs as the battle wears on. As an added bonus, the fight is with a hot female femme fatale boss- who sadly isn't barefoot but shows a bit of flesh on her feet. The vid shows off the whole level battle to it's conclusion, so check it out for some magical barefoot babe butt-kicking action!

Currently, Malicious is only available as a DLC game on the Japanese store. It's a bit too much trouble for me to get this 800 Yen title- I'll wait for an english/US release. Looks quite cool. For now, enjoy the vid!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lili and Alisa, Barefoot Adventurers! (Tekken 6)

Even if I'm really pining for a console version of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the most awesome barefoot babe game you can get right now is still Tekken 6. You've got a fleet of the hottest videogame babes ready to bare their soles for you and engage in sexy combat. Aside from the regular one-on-one arena fighting mode, Tekken 6 adds in Scenario Campaign, which lets you take your favorite fighters on a Final Fight-style romp through the Tekken world... even if it's a hostile world apparently totally full of enemies.

Anyway, here are a couple of vids with my favorite Tekken 6 barefoot babe, Lili Rochefort, rushing soft-soled into various enemy zones, laying waste with her killer feet. It's great to see Lili (and bonus barefoot babe partner Alisa Bosconovitch) outside the usual closed arena setting and taking on multiple foes. I have to say though that the one detail I really enjoy as well is the sexy sound of the babes' soft soles pattering on the floor as they cutely run through the stage... man, I have to applaud the devs for taking the effort. Anyway, enjoy the butt-kicking as only Lili and Alisa can dish it out!

Don't miss the awesome close-up sole shots of Alisa near the start of this vid! Close enough to lick 'em!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa break into a G-Corporation Research Facility. Commandos, Jack Robots and Cold Floors can't stop these hotties!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa take on Devil Jin and his demon hordes!

The barefoot babes invade the Heart of Darkness... Mishima Headquarters!

Time for Jin Kazama to feel the agony of The Feet! Lili's, to be exact! (Lucky bastard)

Betrayal! Alisa turns to the darkside, and worse, puts on boots! Lili will make her pay!

I'm readying a cool article with an awesome barefoot babe on offer- hopefully I can still make it in before Halloween or so. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy these vids.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Heroine in Malicious (PS3)

Control this kick-ass, magical cape-wearing spirit warrior babe with the cute toes.

Coming later this year is Malicious, a downloadable action game for the Playstation 3. This game basically is all about the battles of a spirit warrior sent to defeat evil forces in some magical/technological setting. Nicely enough, you'll be able to choose the gender of your kick-ass protagonist, characterized by their magical shapechanging battle-cape, transparent pantaloons and nicely-exposed toes. Of course, us foot fans will be choosing to go with the fetching female version- I mean, if you're gonna stare at someone's butt and heels all day, I think we'll prefer it from a babe, right?

The heroine's toe-exposing leggings remind me of V-13 from Blazblue, which is neat... and she floats and kicks ass with magic as well. Perhaps they're related? Probably not, but surely they have cute toes us foot fans will obviously want to worship, kiss and lick to distraction (or destruction? Heh...).

Anyway, little is known as yet of this title in development, or if we'll be given lots of opportunity to ogle our in-game babe's feet. I'll be keeping an eye on this then.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Clover's Toes (Totally Spies)

Gotta love such talented toes.

Here's a cool clip from the Totally Spies movie, with the lovely blonde Clover showing off just how flexible and limber her toes are. Thanks to KingSideCastle and Match25 at Anime Feet for letting me know about this short but sweet scene! You just can't beat such a great sole shot with awesome toe action! It's kinda funny though that this movie is pretty inconsistent- Clover's wearing boots at the start of the scene, but she loses them for some reason at the end. Not that I'm complaining though! Anyway, such a lovely scene and an amazing view of some cute, cute and kissable cartoon toes. Enjoy!

Clover Wiggles Toes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even More Tangled!

A couple more featurettes for the upcoming Tangled animated feature film from Disney have hit Youtube recently, and in lovely, crisp 720p at that. So switch to HD when viewing these to have awesome views of the beautiful, barefoot princess Rapunzel's delectable and amazingly lifelike toes and soles. Man, I can probably spend this whole movie just staring at this stunning heroine's feet and thinking up all the ways I can worship them. Tangled hits theaters this November.

Great feature about the story, with lots of FOOTage of the stunningly gorgeous Rapunzel.

A cool featurette about the movie's hair animation. But really, how about a featurette about Rapunzel's feet?

Even though this is a Flynn Rider spot, there's still great views of Rapunzel in this fun trailer!

Finally, a viral ad with Rapunzel herself. She's SSSOOOOO CUTE!!!

Gosh I can't wait for this film! I really think Rapunzel's going to spend a lion's share of the movie barefoot, so this is surely going to be a foot fan's dream movie. This is going to be a very special Thanksgiving for us, indeed!