Monday, July 20, 2009

Barefoot Schoolgirl Action in HD!

Here are some awesome Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion match videos from nStarGame at Youtube. They're easily the best-looking Tekken 6 videos I've seen so far online, and should give anyone a much better idea of how gorgeous this game looks instead of all those crappy low-res stuff you usually find. Better yet, the three most recent vids (posted here) feature the sexy Asuka Kazama, barefoot in her school uniform. There's nothing quite as fetching as this scrappy barefoot babe kicking ass in a pleated skirt. Heheh... Enjoy, and dream of the awesomeness to come this October on PS3s, Xbox 360s and PSPs everywhere.


  1. Yeah it seems to be working again. ^_^

    I think the term Team Members can be misleading with that option. It refers to people who write entries for that blog. (Some blogs have multiple writers). I think that Blogger classifies subscribers under the category of followers.

    Anyway, I really liked this entry a lot. Asuka looks incredibly hot in a school girl out and bare feet. ^_^ Thanks very much for posting her Sole Keeper.

  2. Thanks, KSC. Glad you enjoyed the clip! Certainly, barefoot schoolgirl will be one of my favorite outfits for Asuka when I get my hands on the console version of Tekken 6. ^_^

  3. I was at Playdium last Thursday, Sole Keeper. I played Tekken 6 (with English subtitles) and I must say, I thought it was pretty neat. And seeing that I'm posting this message on this entry, you can take a good guess on who I played as first. :)

    And guess what? When I first palyed her, she wore footwear that revealed her heels and toes.

  4. Well, Daniel, I don't have to guess- I know Asuka head to toe since she's my main fighter in Tekken. Welcome to the world of Tekken 6 then. Not only Asuka but five other hot babes can be customized barefoot, which makes this a title foot guys will treasure. Only a couple months or so left of waiting to go till the home versions hit.

  5. I pre-ordered mine. :D