Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farah (Prince of Persia)

A princess just waiting for fans to service her sexy soles.

As enticing and alluring barefoot damsels in distress are, I much prefer my princesses to be kick-ass as well as shoeless. Such is the exotic and beautiful Princess Farah, from the Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Though kidnapped and taken to a foreign land, she's not content to sit quietly in an ivory minaret or cushioned harem. Nope, the feisty Farah breaks out and soon becomes the Prince's ally throughout the adventure in The Two Thrones. Thoughts of this sexy archer flitting silently about, soft soles gliding across marbled floors, fills me with pleasure. Unfortunately her role is limited to merely appearing in cutscenes, none of which really show off her lovely feet adequately. In fact, the best appearance of Farah's sexy, barefoot incarnation is in a trailer (shown below), which nicely shows off the princess' kissable, soft-looking bare soles.

Here's a better look at TTT's barefoot Farah in action...thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Create-a-Soul mode! Farah drops her bow in favor of a sword and takes on another barefoot PoP babe, Elika!

Even so, surely the beautiful Farah is a barefoot babe that deserves to be protected from all the forces of evil seeking her demise, and if I were the Prince I'd comfort her with long foot massages and perhaps even serve as a footstool for her royal peds to rest on. What a happy ending that would be!

This barefoot princess is looking to send a shaft through every footfan's heart.


  1. O_O Awesome post Sole Keeper. Farah totally rocks. Wow...that trailer was really hot!! I loved the soul calibur clip and pictures as well. Between Farah, Kaileena and Elika, the Prince of Persia series has some really attractive women. ^_^

  2. I thought Sands of Time had many situations where you can look at her feet.

  3. well farha is sure sexy and i hop that there should be part after the two thrnes.There is also new one but its totally diffrent title