Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kaede Smith (Killer 7)

Kaede Smith. Killer 7's blood-spattered beauty takes the spotlight.

Acclaimed Japanese game designer Goichi Suda's on-rails shooter Killer 7 for the PS2 was a pretty wild title- it challenged gamers with an edgy visual style, anime trappings, psycho-thriller babble and mental mind games and some refreshingly mature content. The story put players in control of the titular Killer 7- a squad of assassins residing in the mind of one man's body, battling against the insidious and deadly terrorists known as the Heaven Smiles. But of course the best stuff in this mindfrack of a game was the lone playable female character and resident barefoot babe, Kaede Smith.

Kaede's sexy feet are just asking for some loving.

Really, can you get any more footfan-friendly than with this slinky femme fatale's design? An attractive, short-haired Japanese beauty, slim and sexy, dressed in just a bloody white nightie and, of course, her bare feet. In fact, shes even nicknamed 'Barefoot'. Can't get any more blatant than that. Kaede was created with foot fetishists in mind. It surely must be quite a sight to see this gorgeous shoeless diva running about, huge gun in hand, battling demonic entities left and right. Man, Suda must have been on one heck of a trip to have thought her up.

Kaede's sultry voice comes from the talented Tara Strong.

And so whenever you got the chance to, you'd switch to this lovely lass, watching her smooth and sexy soles softly glide towards her next target or destination. If enemies got too close, she'd strike them down with a sexy kick (lucky bastards). Enemies on their last legs get an awesome stomp. Surely it must hurt (as she loves to say, "Hurts, doesn't it?") but man... how hot would it be to see her soles bearing down on your face?

Here's one of Killer 7's cool trailers, this one specific to the bloody babe.

Of course, Kaede isn't all that she appears to be- and the revelations of the game are pretty off the wall. In any case, we only know that Kaede became one of the mysterious Killer 7- multiple personas united in one body- after the real Kaede was slain. Here's the pivotal cutscene showing the death of the physical Kaede and in a way, the 'birth' of the Killer 7's femme fatale.

Death becomes her.

A figment of one man's madness or not, Kaede 'Barefoot' Smith is still easily one of the hottest and most unique barefoot babes in gaming. I really wish there was a live-action version of Killer 7 so we could see this sizzling hot beauty in the flesh. But for now, we have the game to enjoy as long as you have a PS2 or Gamecube. If you haven't already, it's one heck of an experience and Kaede is one babe in a million. Surely any footfan would love to give this hot assassin a well-deserved foot massage. Or give her sexy feet a nice bath after a hard day's running and hunting down Heaven Smiles. I'd personally give her a kiss on every lovely toe and on both flawless soles any time she wants. Though a Killer 7 sequel is unlikely, I really, truly hope that we haven't seen the last of the Killer 7 and their hot barefoot babe.

Kaede- definitely a barefoot babe that stands head and shoulders above the rest!


  1. I have just been wowed.

  2. O_O Very very hot!!!! Killer 7 looks like a very interesting game. Great post Solekeeper.

  3. Hot indeed! Didn't know about her, I'll search for more ^_^

  4. i have the game when you reload you can see her pantys