Friday, December 16, 2016

Tekken 7: Lili Barefoot Bikini Costume!

Lili's Premium costume in the Arcade version's 'Kiwami' Campaign is our new favorite.

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, the arcade version of the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament, recently got updated with a wave of new outfits and customizations for the characters. The kinda bad news is that only one of the outfits is barefoot. The good news is that it is for our favorite Tekken Bae- Lili Rochefort herself (who has truly outclassed Asuka in the hotness department far and away). The 2-piece costume (top and bottom can be used independently with other costume pieces) for Lili is called the Bikini set, and is pretty minimal compared to other character's costumes. It is apparently unique to Lili, and definitely is a great example of 'Less is More'. Heheh.

This outfit is only the second such barefoot or barefoot-able alternate costume for a female in the game (or three if you consider the now more masculine Leo's full body swimming outfit), the other being the sexy Summer Dress for Katarina Alves (which can be customized down to just the lingerie). I'm hoping at least every girl gets a barefoot bottom or option.

This is all assuming of course that these costumes all make it into the upcoming home or console versions of Tekken 7, which need to be... or we riot. Heh. Tekken 7 (for PS4, XBOne and PC) arrive sometime in Early 2017. More as we get it!

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