Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tekken 7 Barefoot Retribution! Barefoot Bikinis FINALLY Come to Tekken! (UPDATED with VIDEO!)

Lili's Intros, Winposes and Cutscenes in her Bikinis.

AAAAND THERE IT IS! At long last, after so many frustration, barefoot fans can now rest easy- barefoot bikinis have come to Tekken. Specifically, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, in the latest update to the latest arcade version of the Iron-fisted fighting game series. In the latest update patch, which also added the rotund Bob into the playable roster, new customization items with a Summer theme have been added. In addition to various bits and bobs you can attach to your fighter, the females can now have access to 'Tropical Bikinis' that finally show off not just their sexy curves and quite a bit of skin, but also fully bare their beautiful soles and toes. Previously, the bikini outfit available came with sandals (straight from Tekken Tag 2) and were just... ARGH.

This is the first time that barefoot swimwear has been added to Tekken in-game; previously, barefoot customization was available in Tekken 6, but with no swimsuit outfits. Tekken Tag 2 gave us swimsuits, but those came with sandals for the female fighters- truly disappointing.

Anyway, I am quite certain that the Tropical Bikini has been seen quite some time ago in some of the promotional images over at the Tekken websites, worn by Lucky Chloe- I was almost certain she was barefooted in that image, but it is only now that actual full body pics of the girls' character models in the new swimsuits are revealed.

And, as you can see in the video above, Lili's bare feet look great in the video (don't miss the amazing sole shot during the cutscene with Heihachi), as do Nina's in her pic below. Tekken has always had really good feet models (which is odd since Soul Calibur has crappy ones), and T7 is no exception!

The male fighters aren't left out- the dudes get Fundoshis (the Japanese traditional underwear popularized by Heihachi) or the old-style striped one piece swimming outfit first seen in TTT2... so something for everyone!

These are all as yet for the arcade version, but we can safely assume all these will make it into the upcoming console and PC ports coming in early 2017. Perhaps Tekken 7 will pull a DOA5 and finally bring in more barefoot outfits and customizations after this initial wave? In any case, I'm already quite happy, and I am now looking forward to this game as the next big barefoot babe fighter coming soon. Stay tuned, we'll keep on this like glue.

Nina bares her bikini body AND her sexy deadly feet in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution's latest update.


  1. Wow that's awesome News Sole Keeper. The bikini's apparently look really good too. Both Nina and Lilli look amazing. ^_^

    Sidenote: Holy Cow was that Akuma in the game? O.O

    1. Hey there, KSC! Long time! Yeah, that was Akuma. They added him as a guest character who is also integral this time to the game's Story Mode. Weird but awesome. Tekken 7 is looking amazing, and the girls look incredible. It is surely the best Tekken so far, and I can't wait to get my hands on it this June.