Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jungle Girl Returns: Maya Retro Costume Revealed (Killer Instinct)

FINALLY Maya's classic look emerges on Xbox One.

It's been a long wait (and it isn't over) but at least we've finally seen the end reward for us on the Xbox One brawler, Killer Instinct. Ever since the start of the game's Second Season, we've been waiting for the lovely Amazon Maya to show off her sexy, deadly feet in combat, but time and again we've been met by disappointment. First off was the blasted 'reimagining' thing that turned her from a beautiful barefoot warrior queen to some armored Brazilian fury. When her alternate accessories came out, NONE of them had any barefoot options. STRIKE TWO! Well, thankfully with the latest textual stream, the devs at Iron Galaxy revealed her upcoming Retro Costumes and Premium Accessory sets.

Well, to be honest I am weirded out by her hair, and by the somewhat goofy frills on the bottom of her top- but hey, at least she's barefoot. Those metallic things on her limbs could really just go, but hey, as long as they give us Maya's bare toes and soles, I'm happy.

Maya's Retro Costume should arrive within the month, with Update 2.3 of the game. I'll surely post vids of our returned Jungle Girl once she becomes available.

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