Saturday, April 13, 2013

Barefoot Tekken Babes on XNALara/XPS!

Me messing around in XPS with the Tekken Girls...

VirtualSoles on Deviantart is live, and I've already posted a couple of pose art. Sadly, I'm not that savvy into the workings of 3D art and rendering, so all I can do for now is dabble and do as nice poses and scenes with the barefoot ladies of Tekken as I can. Compared to a lot of other already existing XNA or XPS art on DA, I'm pretty green, but heck- all that matters is that I give barefoot knockouts their time in the sun for all footfans to share and appreciate. Oh, and I AM having fun doing this. For now, I'm working on a series of arts that conveys one story- pretty simple, really... just a reimagined first fight between Asuka and Lili- of course this time they're in bikinis and barefoot. Heheh. Anyway, head on over to DA to see what I already have up. And check the vid above to some behind the scenes 'footage' captured straight from my desktop. Heh. See you over at VirtualSoles DeviantArt!


  1. Wow that must be really awesome having a 3D model of Lili and Asuka to play with. ^_^

  2. How did you take off her shoes? I'm struggling to figure this out. I just recently got XNALara and its driving me crazy that there are no barefoot models of Tekken girls.

    1. I researched online and found a way using several applications to edit the meshes of the character models, then- just kidding. :)
      Nope, the answer is simplicity itself- Do NOT use XNALara. Instead, download XPS (which is basically a slightly more advanced version of XNALara). XPS has the option of removing/toggling parts of a model- similar to how you remove footwear from mods in SF4 Explorer. Just find the option (it's at the very bottom so hard to miss), open up the menu and select the shoes for toggling- voila, barefoot babes! Warning though, not all models have feet that can be made bare, though luckily most Tekken characters have them.