Saturday, April 13, 2013

A New Palette for Virtual Soles! (XPS Posing Studio)

Cammy gives us a playful stomping, care of XNA/XPS.

For the past several years I've made it my hobby (nay, my PASSION!) to share the love of perfect, virtual barefoot knockouts both here on the blog and for the most part, on Youtube. But lately, I've discovered what potentially may be a new medium for me to share the footlove. Well, actually, XNALara is hardly new- this is a CG poser program created by the awesome Dusan originally to play with the ingame assets of the Tomb Raider Underworld games. Years later, the online community of enthusiasts using XNALara to create everything from TR fan art and fan fiction skits to masterpieces of CG is huge and pretty prolific. I actually used XNA years ago, and I featured some of my dabblings with Lara Croft here on the blog. However, since it was pretty focused on Lara then, my interest eventually tapered off (one cannot live on one babe alone).

Even though I've kept occasional glances at the XNA forums all these years, I never dreamed that today the program can access and manipulate pretty much any graphic asset from any videogame with character models worth ripping and playing around with. My mouth fell open at the possibilities and a this week I went about re-learning XNA and finding all the barefoot gamebabe assets I could find. Initially, I was drawn into this by dreams of making barefoot KO vignettes with the Streetfighter babes Makoto, Ibuki, Juri and Cammy (and Cammy certainly has the best-looking feet from that bunch)- but since then, I've found other more... higher quality... models.

Bikini babes Lili and Asuka bare their soles for us in XPS!

YEP, XNALara can de-boot the babes of Tekken Tag Tournament 2! Well, actually not XNA but XPS since only the more advanced version of XNA can toggle the truly annoying sandals (or other unwanted bits) from the character models (similar to how you can toggle stuff in SF4 Explorer for SFxTK and SSFIVAE PC).
With XNP, I've gotten my hands on what Harada and the Tekken Team denied us in TTT2- barefoot Lili and Asuka in their bikinis (well, Asuka's bra top and shorts thingie...). Thankfully, once you toggle the sandals off, both of these babes' soles and feet are perfectly whole and complete (which makes it all the more frustrating why a barefoot option wasn't included in the game). I have to say, Lili is the most gorgeous game babe I have in my XNP collection right now. Asuka is nice but Lili just totally outclasses her in hotness (having a crappy swimsuit doesn't help at all).

As for the rest of the babes, I have hopes that more than one will be barefoot-able like Lili and Asuka, and I'll be keeping my eyes open for models to DL once available. For now though, Lili and Asuka (my fave babes in Tekken) are already more than enough for me to make tons of KO poses and barefoot action (in stills though). Hopefully this will not take away too much time from my game postings on YT... but for now I'm having so much fun I don't care.

Lili is an awesome model to work with...

Anyway, check out the video showing some first tries with XNP making some poses with my Tekken girls. I'm a bit rusty and learning as I go along, but I hope to have lots of good stuff eventually. ALL of which I will post primarily on Deviantart- Yes, VirtualSoles is now live on DA. So head on there every so often to see my XNP/XNA stuff (and the odd artwork or so) with the Tekken babes and more.

Whew! Now, back to posing Lili and Asuka and... someone else. Heheh...



  2. As I always say, I'm open to requests but with the caviat that I can't promise that I can do every pose, or when I can do them. Also, no sexual situations, bondage or anything too porn-ish. I want to keep these characters as the original gamebabes/fighting ladies they are- albeit with our special focus. :)

  3. Wow that first picture of Cammy alone is putting me in need of a cold shower. ^_^;

    1. Check out the other stuff in the DA Page and you'll be taking a lot of showers from now on. Hahaha!