Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Juri Bio and Videos!

Here's a lot more stuff and info on the sexy new barefoot babe in Streetfighter, Juri. Her full name is Juri Han, code name: Spider. She's a spy working for S.I.N., the weapons development arm of Shadaloo headed by SFIV's final boss, Seth. She's anti-social and self-centered, caring only for things she finds interesting. In combat she loves to taunt her opponents. Her left eye was replaced with an artificial one that is equipped with a device called a 'Feng Shuei Engine' that gives her ki-powered attacks.

Han Juri
Country of origin: South Korea
Birthday: January 1
Age: 25 years
Heigh: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
3 Sizes: B83/W56/H85
Blood type: AB
Likes: Spicy foods, spiders
Dislikes: Boring people, rules
Occupation/background: Spy for S.I.N.
Special skill: She never forgets a path she's taken once
Fighting style: Taekwondo, Feng Shui Engine-powered ki attacks

Next, here's a look at Juri in motion, as we see her intro, some moves and her brutal and sexy Ultra move. This babe has some fancy footwork which footfans are sure to enjoy... plus her bad girl attitude is irresistible. Awesome!

Sexy and lethal... Juri Han is one wicked lady.

Juri shows off her moves. I LOVE her Ultra and her Idle animations!

I can't wait for this SFIV upgrade!!! Juri looks pretty awesome and her moves are damn sexy as she lets her feet do most of her work. As expected, she's a truly wicked and provocative villainess and that just makes her all the more hotter. I really hope she has win poses or animations that really show off her dominating postures with her feet- she's surely a babe MADE for foot fans! I can't wait to both play as and against her. Super Street Fighter IV is set for a release in early Spring 2010 on PS3 and Xbox360- there apparently won't be an arcade release, so this shouldn't take too long to arrive. Barefoot fans are looking to be very indeed happy next year!


  1. The great thing about Taekwondo girls is that they use their feet a lot performing those devastating kicks. I have to say that I'm really envious of Bison and T. Hawk in these clips getting to feel her feet against them. ^_^

  2. Yowza she sure has a mean pair of feet. Better get on her good side and give her spicy food and a pet spider. =P

    Her outfit has a pretty cool design though I never would've guessed by her artwork that they were going for a spider design for her top. Makes me wonder what her alternate will be like. Also, I noticed that her toenails are painted. Interest +1!

  3. I just hope when this game comes out, that there be anime openings and endings just like the last one.