Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Giganta (DC Universe) + GTS Crush Clip (Keroro Gunsou)

Giantesses are awesome. Barefoot giantesses are Out of this World Awesome. Any barefoot fan would no doubt just stand slack-jawed in amazement if a gigantic, beautiful and barefoot babe stepped in front of him, her huge and perfect feet the size of a truck before his eyes. It's our object of titillation magnified many times over and surely the pleasure of seeing them would be thusly augmented as well. As giantesses go, one name is easy to come to mind- Giganta, from the DC Comics Universe. She's the red-haired vixen in the ripped yellow dress/outfit, bare-handed and barefoot save for some groovy anklets or bracelets. The more mature among us will probably remember her appearances in the Superfriends cartoons. I have to say that her incarnation then left a lot to be desired- she was a bit mannish and built like a fridge, but she was still attractive at least. She was a lot sexier in the comics, as seen in the sample page above.

This barefoot vixen has long been a villainess in Wonder Woman's rogue's gallery, but unfortunately her appearances are relatively rare (but to be treasured if you find them) but full of great foot shots, as this giantess' favorite tactic is to crush her enemies beneath her enormous bare soles. For the most part though, she's easily dispatched, often knocked out by a flying superhero or some clever giant-killing tactic. Man, just thinking of her lying unconscious all over a street, her huge, unconscious bare feet before me makes me feel all a-tingly. Heheh.

Sadly we've rarely really seen Giganta in full glory; irritatingly her design has even been tampered with to make her wear shoes- both in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons and some comics. Thankfully though, she's been returned to her barefoot jungle girl appearance as of late.

Even better, she appears in the just-released Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie! Her appearance is short but oh, so sweet... with a truly wonderful sole shot and subsequent knockout. Too bad she suddenly vanishes afterward... the animators could have at least showed her unconscious bod in the background of the rest of the battle... oh well. Still, it's an awesome moment that makes this new DC movie worth watching for foot fans. Check it out here!

Now, Giganta may be a villainess, but she's surely not irredeemably evil... or at least, she's a woman who'll surely appreciate being worshipped for her larger-than-life beauty and totally hot feet and soles. What we'd all give surely to touch those gargantuan tootsies. Hopefully she'll let us kiss or even hug her huge toes and rub her soles, and perhaps even give those who love insoles a loving (and non-fatal) press. Let your GTS fantasies run wild. Enjoy!

Plus, as a bonus, here's a short but really sweet GTS clip from the Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Frog) anime. Mmm... why do frogs get squished by sexy barefoot babes so often?


  1. Wow that was really awesome!!!!!!!

    GTS stomp POV's totally rock. Thank you so much for posting this Sole Keeper. ^_^

    I'll probably be watching these clip repeatedly over the next couple of hours. :-D

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, KSC! Indeed, this is a clip you can just watch over and over and over. I've been waiting for this since I first saw Giganta in the Superman/Batman PE trailer months ago. It was worth the wait. ^_^