Friday, October 30, 2009

Tekken 6 Asuka Scenario Campaign

Once again I haven't been able to post as much lately, one of the reason being that my most long-awaited dream game, Tekken 6 has finally arrived. What can I say? The game is pretty much everything I want it to be; not only are the graphics gorgeous, the animations sexy-smooth and the fighting action second to none, it has easily the sexiest barefoot videogame babes to throw a high kick at your face! The game comes home from the arcade complete with all the customizations, including the all-important barefoot customization so we can remove those unsightly shoes from our lovely lasses' pretty peds.

One of the cool new additions to the game is Scenario Campaign, which is a beat 'em up game within a game. You take your favorite Tekken fighters into various stages all over a huge world map and fight waves of enemies on your way to a stage boss. It's kinda like classic brawlers like Final Fight, Streets of Rage or even The Bouncer. While some reviewers have dissed the mode, I love it- it's cool to see the fighters out of the usual one-on-one arena for a change.

But of course the best part is having my favorite barefoot babes running around fighting armies of enemies as they pad around shoeless and sexy. Here are several vids showing off my main girl, Asuka Kazama, all martial-artsy and unshod, along with new robo-babe Alisa Bosconovitch (also barefoot, of course), exploring various environments, meeting various peoples and basically aiming their feet at every enemy jaw. Enjoy!

Mercenary armies are no match for barefoot heroines on the rampage!

More barefoot adventuring in the Tekken world...

Asuka and Alisa meet their match on the demon-filled Nightmare Train.

I can't recommend this game enough for barefoot fans. This is fighting game and barefoot babe Nirvana, surely! Plus I thoroughly recommend the PS3 version, as it has an awesome screencapping function. Enjoy the vids!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Juri Pics!

Wickedly hot and barefoot. Juri Han is awesome.

Here are a few new pics of upcoming barefoot game hottie Juri from the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV, in particular showing off this sexy femme fatale's big and beautiful feet in action. A villainess to boot, she's sure to be a pretty colorful new entrant in the SF storyline. Apparently the devs were going for making her a bit of a slutty minx, but in the end cut back a bit for the final character. Still, she's quite a provocative babe, and I'm sure foot fans will find her a favorite in the new SF sequel. Check out the rest of the pics and imagine this TKD's toes tapping for your delight.

Sexy toes.

With lots of deadly kicks and ki-powered attacks, Juri is sure to kick ass.

Juri says to Ryu, Kiss my feet!

In the meantime though I am having a total ball with Tekken 6! I'll be posting pics from the game, capped from the PS3 version, very soon. Can you say tons of barefoot babes and panty shots aplenty? Heheh... Later!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Makoto (Street Fighter)

The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit!

Here's a post that's looooong overdue, for one of the best barefoot videogame babes around. I was actually consciously pushing this back as I was waiting for this hottie's confirmation in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, but what the heck... if and when that happens, it will be worth a separate post. Anyway...

As we all know, some of the best barefoot game babes are martial arts tomboys, and certainly this fighter from Streetfighter III: Third Strike qualifies as one in every sense of the word. At first mistaken for a boy during the early days of SF3:3S (her gender-ambiguous name didn't help either), this ferocious new challenger immediately impressed players with her innovative, in-your-face, offense-heavy style which was a huge difference from the myriad clones and retread characters of the Shotokan-Fireball School. This young upstart knocked out the competition with lightning-fast punches, brutal grapples and powerful karate techniques. But what really got players' eyes popping was when Makoto got stunned- causing her loosely-fitting gi to sag slightly, revealing that she was, indeed, a girl.

Of course, Makoto probably bucks the usual trend of fighting game hottie- she really does look like a young boy with her somewhat messy, short hair, while her bulky gi pretty much hides her physique (though we surely know she's got a hot, athletic body beneath all that cloth). Even further, her official artwork portrays her as not being your usual soft-looking babe; she's a martial artist with callused, rough-looking and STRONG looking feet... in fact, she has quite mannish feet as seen above in her official portrait.

I actually prefer seeing Makoto in her in-game sprites; her feet are nice, big and expertly drawn, and you see them from pretty much every angle throughout her smoothly-animated attacks. I love her slow, methodical walking animations, as she pads towards her enemy with her complex kata-like stances. Watching her, I really do find her attractive, and would readily give her a soothing foot massage after a hard day's ass-kicking.

Surely a babe just made for foot fans to love.

Makoto tussles with her rival and another HOT barefoot babe, Ibuki.

Makoto shows Ryu what she's all about.

Cool Makoto Fan Artwork.

This unique barefoot babe last appeared about a decade ago in the sprite-based, 2D Third Strike... but rumor has it that she may appear in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, along with fellow barefoot babe Ibuki. Seeing this karate kid in full 3-D would be BEYOND AWESOME, and I truly look forward to dishing out the pain with Makoto's formidable feet in High Definition. Here's crossing our fingers that SSFIV really pushes through as the barefoot babe fighting game to watch out for in early 2010.

Feet First! Makoto is one unique barefoot babe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Waiting for the Ultimate Barefoot Babe Videogame...

Tekken 6: Barefoot Babe Nirvana.

It's the middle of October, which means that it's less than two weeks to the release of Tekken 6 for consoles (PS3, Xbox360). If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll probably know that I hold this fighting game sequel in very high regard. In fact, I believe that it's pretty much where you can get the best barefoot videogame babes ever, and that's no exaggeration. This graphically-astounding sequel to the long-running fighting game franchise boasts some of the best-looking hi-definition graphics yet seen in a mainstream beat 'em up, and a lot of those graphical punch goes to rendering several of the sexiest virtual vixens to ever grace a TV monitor. The best part is, thanks to much-improved character customization features, you can customize the hot Tekken babes to fight for you barefoot, showing off their magnificently-rendered toes and soles for your enjoyment. The home versions not only bring home all the sexy action from the original arcade versions but also tons of new content for genuine fans of the title and franchise. Not only is this game the best barefoot babe game you can get... it's also THE best fighting game you can get, come late October. This title truly is The Real Deal. Totally awesome!!!

So I have to apologize for the lack of updates recently- as the days count off to Tekken 6's release, all I have on the brain is this game. Perhaps I should try to post something, if only to get my mind off the waiting for a while. Maybe that will make the wait easier. Or not. We'll see. Anyway, if you're a barefoot game babe fan, this game should be a must buy. The game drops in stores on October 27.

Six, count 'em, SIX of the hottest game babes can bare their feet for your pleasure.