Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Juri Pics!

Wickedly hot and barefoot. Juri Han is awesome.

Here are a few new pics of upcoming barefoot game hottie Juri from the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV, in particular showing off this sexy femme fatale's big and beautiful feet in action. A villainess to boot, she's sure to be a pretty colorful new entrant in the SF storyline. Apparently the devs were going for making her a bit of a slutty minx, but in the end cut back a bit for the final character. Still, she's quite a provocative babe, and I'm sure foot fans will find her a favorite in the new SF sequel. Check out the rest of the pics and imagine this TKD's toes tapping for your delight.

Sexy toes.

With lots of deadly kicks and ki-powered attacks, Juri is sure to kick ass.

Juri says to Ryu, Kiss my feet!

In the meantime though I am having a total ball with Tekken 6! I'll be posting pics from the game, capped from the PS3 version, very soon. Can you say tons of barefoot babes and panty shots aplenty? Heheh... Later!


  1. Woo I love me some Juri and always love to see more of her. Nice post! =D

  2. The more I see of her...the more I really love this character. Ryu looks like he's really lucking out. :-D Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  3. juri is my street fighter wife