Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hisako is one Sexy Ghost! (Killer Instinct)

Killer Instinct's barefoot babes battle it out.

 I've been on quite a Killer Instinct binge lately, thanks to the latest (and I think, best) character so far introduced into the roster- Hisako, the Ghost Girl! A former Japanese Samurai's daughter in the Feudal Era, Hisako died fighting bandits who invaded her village. She has risen from her grave to wreak vengeance on those responsible for desecrating her shrine- none other than the villainous Ultratech and its minions.

So I guess this kinda makes her a good guy, even if she's pretty creepy. Obvioualy, Hisako was patterned after things like the Ring movie or The Grudge (Ju-On), and her execution is perfect. Animation-wise, voice, fighting style- Iron Galaxy hit it perfectly. But of course, the best part is she's barefoot, like every good Ghostly Woman should.

Of course, those aren't the most kissable or clean babe feet to worship, but as an overall package, Hisako is still fetching for a vengeful spirit. I imagine there will be a lot of fans out there who will still find her- um, look- quite appealing. In any case, Hisako's gameplay is pretty cool and I admit I have found myself so much more into the game after her release. She's certainly become my favorite fighter to use, even if I still think Maya (retro outfit) is the game's best-looking barefoot babe (and the one who's feet and soles I'd prefer in my face.... hahaha).

 The game still has one more potential barefoot babe- hoping that Iron Galaxy has designed the mysterious ARIA the way we want her... barefoot and evil and gorgeous. For now though, we have Maya and Hisako to enjoy in this game- one babe hot, tall and sexy, the other cold, beautiful and scary. Works for me!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nina Williams Swimsuit Mod FINALLY (Streetfighter X Tekken)

This mod is looooong overdue.

How long has it been since Streetfighter X Tekken arrived on PC (which should be a holiday among Footloving Gamers)? It's been quite a few years since then, and in that time hordes of awesome, sexy mods have arrived for pretty much every battling babe on the roster, so all of us are happy, right?

Well, not really. Not ALL the girls have the due mods... in particular, Nina Williams, the gorgeous, ubiquitous Tekken Lady of Lethality hasn't gotten a mod that you'd expect her to get in an instant. YES, early on we have the godly Sloth86 to thank for bringing her Classic, Original Barefooted P1 Costume to SFXT, but since then... not much. It's only now that a void has been filled... with a proper Barefooted Swimsuit mod.

 WHAT? Some of you may say, Hey, TSK! There are Bikini mods for Nina out there. Yep, there are- but sadly, none of them are up to the standard set by Sloth's mod- in that, all of these bikini mods use the same body model used by one other mod (basically they use the same bikini-clad character model for the popular 'Bikini Lili' mod by Rhazieul), and that uses bare feet models which are- well, oddly shaped since they were originally made to wear high heels. Compared to the feet used by Sloth in his P1 Outfit mod, they are totally inferior.
Unfortunately, after coming out with a few works, Sloth became inactive in modding, and no modder since then has taken up the job to give Nina a proper swimsuit mod (using the Sloth mod as a base). Up until now! I recently found new modder repinscourge on DeviantArt, and he did a very cool swimsuit mod for Nina with the feet models I require.

The swimsuit is actually Anna Williams' suit from Tekken Tag 2 (not sure why he didn't use Nina's own suit but I disgress). I immediately asked for the mod, and repinscourge obliged. In fact, since then, he has made several of my SFXT dream mods come true, but I'll get to those in other articles. For now though I am so happy with seeing Nina finally show off that hot bod of hers more (aside from just her deadly, sexy feet) with this new mod. And I'm sure a lot of you out there are too. Yeah, her Barefoot P1 Classic is divine, but sometimes you just want to see all the goods, right? Heheh...

I'll surely be posting a TON of video with Swimsuit Nina on the channel, so stay tuned. For now, I've got a couple up already for viewing. Enjoy Nina's soles and toes... I know I will. Heheh...

Best. Closeup. Ever.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Best Videogame Feet Ever? Sakura Bikini Mod! (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

Man, I am so jealous of Decapre right now...

Even a few years on, the Capcom PC fighters are still among the best barefoot babe games you can get these days, thanks to the gobs of sexy barefoot mods which give us the sexy toes and soles of the World Warrior Women like never before. But while we have gotten many great mods in the past, this is an exceptional mod that has really made our foot-loving eyes widen in amazement. Modder dmwl1997 has not only given the feisty and uber-cute Sakura a hot bikini with his Ultra Streetfighter IV mod, but he has also made it a wonderful point to give her exceptionally beautiful and realistic-looking bare feet models. I don't know about the rest of you, but they look like the PERFECT FEET. Including the lifelike and soft look to her soles, which makes me really envious of her opponents who luckily get a face-full of Sakura's feet... Mmm. Hahaha!

I LOVE this mod.

Sakura's feet are pretty much in my opinion the best-looking videogame feet (in-game) I've yet seen, just as good if not better as the feet used by uber-modder Sloth86 in his barefoot Cammy mods (the later version, not the one with Mega Makoto Feet). I wish more modders gave their work this special kind of detail... I think it's awesome, even if the hyper-realistic feet may not totally mesh with the often cartoony characters. I say they look great in any case.
I am also thankful that dmwl1997 was nice enough to see to my request for a version of his bikini mod (which was originally far more risque) that I could use for posting vids on Youtube. If you want, you can still get the more skimpy version on his deviantart page, but hey- it's the feet were interested in, after all.

Makes me hopeful for Streetfighter V Feet...

I am hoping that dmwl makes more 'realfeet' mods, perhaps with the other Streetfighter Girls. Till we see barefoot girls in SFV, hold onto your PC uber-fighters! Enjoy the vids.