Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Juri Han FOOTage in Streetfighter X Tekken!

Best Sole Shot in the Trailer (well, good enough for me to make it my new Profile Pic...

I'll admit it- the Capcom/Namco-Bandai Cross-over Streetfighter X Tekken wasn't a big thing for me. Before today, the only barefoot babe confirmed was Ibuki, who while an absolute cutie in her ninja wraps, is a relatively minor player in the game. But then came today's awesome new Cinematic Trailer! The CG spot reveals Taekwondo Dominatrix Juri Han along with other new entrants Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu and M.Bison. Juri is apparently alongside the Shadaloo Boss in an invasion of the Mishima Zaibatsu Headquarters and its Emo CEO, although we see that they don't get along too well. Who cares though since there's TONS of lovely views of Juri, including an amazing closeup which will make foot lovers a bit jealous of Xiaoyu. Heheh...

Anyway, for our pleasure, I've gathered all the FOOTage of Juri from the trailer, and there's quite a lot. Off course there are TONS of lavish views of Juri's uber-kissable toes and soles throughout, but a lot of it goes by fast. So I've also included some Slow-Mo'ed parts for proper ogling and appreciation. Check that out below!

Juri Footage from the latest Streetfighter X Tekken Trailer has got SOLE.

I really have to say- the animators who do Juri footage certainly know what viewers want to see of her... it seems that you can always count on oh, so lovely closeups or sole shots of her scrumptiously beautiful and wonderfully-detailed feet whenever she appears in these cinematic trailers. DAMN I love this vixen! I'm now stoked for this upcoming beat 'em up.

Admit it, guys... you'd give a lot to be in Ling's place wouldn't you?

I'm sure though that the actual in-game scenes won't be as great as in the trailer, but even so, hopefully we'll have nice angles to look forward to in some of the game's sexy Ultras, both from and performed on Juri in battle. Anyways, I'm certainly now hyped for this game- it's set for release in March, I believe. Not too far away, and till then we'll be neck-deep in barefoot babes from Soul Calibur V. Man, the year is off to a HOT start for barefoot babes in gaming. I LOVE IT. Later then!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lili Rochefort: Barefoot in Black (Tekken 6)

Lili kicks butt with her perfect legs and feet.

Tekken 6 came out way back in 2008 or so, but heck- it's STILL my pick for the fighting game (or perhaps videogame, period) with the best in-game female bare feet you can have on your console. I absolutely love the lifelike, realistic fleshiness and sheen of their soles, the detail on each luscious toe. All that plus their long, lovely, toned legs. And of course, of all the many barefoot-able babes in the game, my own personal favorite is Lili Rochefort, she of the silken legs and graceful moves, that jailbait princess that flips and cartwheels into every foot-lover's dreams. Seriously, Tekken 6 is so good that all I need do is pop in the disc and play some games with the babes when I get depressed thinking of what a waste Tekken Tag 2 is, lacking in barefoot customization as it is. Oh well. So for now, while we wait and hope for more barefoot babedom in the next wave of fighters, enjoy once more these vids showing the barefoot Tekken princess in action. Enjoy!

Whether it's winning or losing, Lili is always great to watch.

Hoping for more barefoot Lili to come!

Plus here's a short jaunt with Lili (and Alisa Bosconovitch) in Tekken 6's Scenario Campaign. I love playing through this gloritied Final Fight-type mode with Miss Rochefort... something about the image of her running barefoot through streets, or forest paths (and not just in the ring) just appeals to me so much. Mmmm... Lili's soles crunching through dried leaves and sinking into soft soil... yummy.

Look out, world! Hot babes coming through!.

There are more Tekken games coming in the near future... so let's cross our fingers that somehow, someway we'll see Lili and the other ladies shed their shoes once again. If not, well... we always have Tekken 6 to fall back on. Later then!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Giganta Stomps! (Brave and the Bold)

Death by Hot, Giant Babe Feet. What a way to go!

Hello and Happy New Year! Yeah, I know it's a bit late. But I'm still here and still hunting for virtual soles for footfans to ogle and enjoy. I'll be back into regular posting from now on, so stay tuned! Here's a lovely GTS clip from the DC Comics' cartoon, The Brave and the Bold, specifically from the 3rd Season episode 'Powerless'. The feisty and fierce Giganta, thankfully in her classic barefoot jungle girl look (not that crappy Dr. Zuel nonsense or that high-heeled abomination from Justice League) going on a rampage in a city. When goody-two shoes Batman arrives to give her a lecture, she responds with an awesome stomp. Well, what a lovely view to see before you go, eh?

Giganta Stomps by SolePatrol
The clip is pretty short, but the sole shot is perfect. I just wish they showed more of this hot villainess. Barefoot villainesses are hot- barefoot GIANT villainesses are ten times so. Heheh. Anyways, more barefoot babes to come soon, so stay tuned again for a new year of virtual sole hunting! Later then!