Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gal Gadot Barefoot in Wix Commercial

Sexy barefoot action with Wonder Woman!

The gorgeous Gal Gadot is, in my opinion, a perfect Wonder Woman. We'll be seeing her bring the iconic superheroine to life later this year. Sadly, I don't believe there will be any barefoot scenes in the movie (but who knows?), as there was in the awesome animated movie (if you haven't seen the animated Wonder Woman movie, it's a barefoot fan favorite). Still, if you want to see some shoe-less action with the lovely Miss Gadot, check out the video above.

A commercial for the Wix website company for the Superbowl, the commercial features Gal Gadot and Jason Statham as some sort of shady individuals who seem to get into brawls and action sequences wherever they go (to the slight misfortune/fortune of a hapless cook/restauranteur). In the TV spot above, they slip in a lovely scene of Gal Gadot slippin her gorgeous foot out of her high heels to engage in some melee action with some thugs. There's only that one closeup (but its awesome) and after the scenes are pretty quick, but this is still a short, sweet treat for footfans. Hey, who knows- maybe we will indeed see some barefoot action in Wonder Woman- we can always hope. For now, enjoy the video!

Katarina Alves Summer Swimsuit (Tekken 7)

Tekken newcomer Katarina shows off her swimsuit body in her sexy customizable outfit.

The home version of Tekken 7 has been delayed to June 2 in order to include all the features and extras gamers demand of a home port. Thankfully, we still have hours and hours of arcade footage to check out as we wait for this inevitable awesome brawler.
One of the new fighters to look out for is the saucy, sassy Katarina Alves. A Brazilian woman who doesn't practice Capoeira (instead, she employs the French kickfighting martial art of Savate), Katarina has been described as a newbie-friendly character due to her easy-to-do moves and fighting style. She also boasts a pretty sexy unique outfit. Her Summer Dress, which normally appears as a full-on fancy party dress complete with jewelry, sandals and wide-brimmed hat, can be customized down to just the undergarments, which is basically a sexy bikini. This also leaves Katarina barefooted, which makes it one of the best outfits in the game for us footfans.

You can see the outfit in action in the video above (and also in a couple more lengthy videos in my Youtube channel's Tekken 7 playlist), so check it out. I definitely want to try out Katarina for myself as long as she wears this sexy number in combat when we get our hands on her in June. Imagine those sexy, deadly feet and soles flying at our faces... Heheh.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sister Friede (Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel)

Sister Friede: Barefoot and badass boss.

The Dark Souls RPG series is known more for punishing, unforgiving gameplay and hardcore RPG action, but to be sure- it's a series that footfans can certainly enjoy. Aside from having the option for going barefoot the whole game, there are some barefoot babes to be found in the game, though perhaps a bit hidden. The Shrine Maiden of Firelink Shrine, for example, is actually barefoot (or, well half-barefoot with her instep guard footwear).
But perhaps the most high-profile (and newest) barefoot babe to appear in the series is Sister Friede of Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC.


Though you first meet her as a non-combative NPC, it is later revealed that Sister Friede is the final boss of Dark Souls III's first DLC. She is one of the four sisters who founded the Black Church of Londor, which certainly makes her a powerful character within the mythos. Once you reach the point of no return and set off the final confrontation, Friede makes her appearance, with a nice view of her bare feet as she walks towards you resolutely, stroking her deadly scythe in anticipation of the battle.

While her face seems deliberately obscured or unfocused, we can easily see that Friede is a beautiful woman, albeit scarred with some burns (perhaps from her past attempts to link the fire). She is graceful and deadly, and certainly an opponent like no other in the series (you have to beat her THREE TIMES).

If we had our way, we'd surely not want to kill this beautiful lady, instead we'd wish to give her a nice foot massage to comfort her and pay homage to such a powerful mistress. She'd probably lop off our heads though, so it's probably not recommended. Still, Sister Friede is surely a badass boss and one of the most memorable barefoot babes in gaming. Go and meet her... if you can!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

King of Fighters XIV: Luong Action!

We take on KOF's newest and sexiest femme fatale.

The King of Fighters franchise has never been a good source of barefoot babes- in terms of footfan faves, SNK has few overall- usually just Mai Shiranui when she goes half-barefoot in the Real Bout games. So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I looked forward to the latest King of Fighters game- King of Fighters XIV. ONE new barefoot babe- just ONE. But, well, she's hot.

She's the sexy and seductive Luong from the Kim Team. Described as the lover of Kim's mentor Gang-Li, Luong has all the signs of a temptress- from her slinky features to her limber fighting style, this lady is no newbie and quite the player. Her outfit isn't overly skimpy- in fact, she's pretty much covered up all over- except for the parts we like- basically her toes, heels and, well, most of her soles. Her super attack (or final?) is hot as heck, and I really dig her design. Definitely hotter than Chae Lim or Momo (other barefoot babes in the whole KOF series so far), and she does give Mai Shiranui a run for her money. Here's to her appearing again in future KOFs. For now though, you can see her on the PS4 brawler (which is sporting some nicer visuals thanks to the latest patch).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tekken 7: Lili Bikini Costume in Action!

Finally we get some quality time with Lili in her sexy new costume set.

Hey there, footfans! Some time ago we got some good news that the lovely Lili Rochefort was getting a new barefooted costume in the upcoming Tekken 7. As part of the 'Kiwami' or Ultimate campaign in arcades, everyone got a new outfit, which consisted of two pieces each (usually a top and bottom) which incidentally can be switched out and used with other outfit pieces. Lili was the only one who got a barefooted outfit, which is called, quite creatively, the Bikini top and skirt. Since the announcement, we haven't found any videos showing the costume being shown in arcade action... till now! Courtesy of the GreenTekken Youtube channel, the vid above is more than 40 minutes of fighting with Bikini-clad Lili taking on the hulking Jack. I think the robot is outmatched, if not outclassed. Heh.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to playing this game and putting all the hot ladies in the game's barefoot costume(s). Of course, Lili and Asuka are my faves but I do intend to try out every one of the game's girls and show them off on vids at my channel. For now, I can only share vids like the one above (from other channels). BTW, there are literally HOURS of barefoot babe Tekken 7 action already compiled in the Tekken 7 playlist on my channel, so if you wanna see what's coming up for our PCs and consoles in a couple of months, check 'em out.

A release date for Tekken 7 is expected to be revealed within the month. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here's a new video showing off Lili wearing the new 'Bikini' skirt with her Default Dress top. Sexy! This was posted by Misaka Sisters on their Youtube channel and shared with us in the comments recently. Thanks, Misaka Sisters!!! Hot vid! :)

Lili wearing her 'Bikini Skirt' with her default Dress Top. Video by Misaka Sisters.