Thursday, June 28, 2012

DOA5 Bikinis: Team Ninja Blows It (Dead or Alive 5)

DOAU all over again... and not in a good way.

For the past couple of weeks, Dead or Alive 5 has been very promising for us barefoot fans. Contrary to what was originally perceived as a game that would be cutting down on the series' legacy of fan service, DOA5 has recently been announced to feature sexy swimsuits for its female cast once it arrives this coming September. However, as we see in the screens above, these skimpy outfits come with an unwelcome aspect- footwear. Okay, bikinis with sandals or high heels may do it for many guys out there, but for me, the shoes just ruin the whole affair.

It's really a pity- we can clearly see the character models' feet are nicely rendered and look very yummy... they don't need to be cooped up in those leather cages. Those soles need to kiss the earth!

Now, not all is lost- it IS known that the babes may have several swimsuits, and MAYBE one will have them barefoot. Maybe the shoes can be customized away? Then again, maybe not. Maybe, like before in DOAU, only Hitomi will be barefoot in her bikinis (hopefully) once again. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see for more media from this fighter. Right now, I'm just disappointed. Well... nothing a session or two with the VF5FS girls won't remedy. Heheh... I'll keep on this like a hawk. It's still a long way till September.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw: Barefoot Bikini Zombie Slayer!

Juliet in her Striped Bikini- certainly a fearsome sight... for zombies.

Okay, it's been a while since I first posted about Suda 51's campy hack-and-slash, Lollipop Chainsaw. Of course, the game has been on my watchlist thanks to the fact that heroine Juliet Starling, the resident cheerleader and zombie hunter, will be able to swap her default attire for various other duds... among them a couple of very sexy bikinis... which of course have her barefoot. Well, I've gotten the game, tried it out and... well, it's darn awesome.

Of course, this game isn't a revolutionary, groundbreaking title- it's a beat 'em up, plain and simple- you rush around, killing zombies in order to progress the story, taking on stage bosses, progressing by unlocking (buying) new combos that allow Julia to kick zombie ass more flashily. But well, the good part is, the game plays quite well- the action is fast and compelling, the story actually quite interesting and... well, it looks darn HOT. Okay, Juliet is darn HOT. In her bikini and bare feet, in particular.

Hot from the beach (it seems), Juliet heads straight into zombieville, feet first!

Have to say- the lovely heroine sports a pretty detailed and eye-friendly character model, with exceptionally well-rendered and, well, luscious bare toes and soles you'd want to kiss and sniff for hours (well, after you give them a good washing to get the zombie blood and guts off). All this and Julia is of course a vital, limber and fetching young hottie (well, she did just turn 18 at least). All I have to say is... man, that Nick is one lucky guy... and since he's a decapitated head, he's quite in a position to lick or suck on her toes... heheh.

So enjoy these vids showing off Juliet taking on the first two stages of the game (Prologue and High School Stage) in her unlockable Striped Bikini outfit. You DO have to play through the game once to unlock the outfits for buying, and then you should have enough in-game cash to buy the sexy barefoot bikinis after. I can say they're quite worth it... but look at the vids and see for yourselves what a vision a bikini-clad and barefoot Juliet is to see in action.

It's not rocket science- but Lollipop Chainsaw is a silly but funny, and quite sexy and enjoyable zombie romp, with a hot barefoot-able babe to ogle and enjoy for hours... so footfans, check it out!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nina Williams Original Tekken P1 Costume (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Nina's Original P1 Costume never looked this good.

Darn, I am so happy right now. One of my longtime barefoot gamebabe dreams has come true, thanks to the latest mod from Sloth86. It's brought back one of the classic barefoot babes in beat 'em ups- in fact, one of the first, if not the first shoeless femme fatale in modern fighting games- none other than Nina Williams of Tekken.
I'm a bit of a senior gamer, so I remember the first Tekken when it came out on the Playstation One (or PSX). When Tekken came out on the heels of Virtua Fighter, it came with a cast of darker, more edgy characters- including one nasty blonde lady who had a unique knack for using awesome bone-breaking grapples. Oh, and she was barefoot too- Nina was the original barefoot assassin back in the first Tekken, wearing her P1 outfit. It wasn't a T&A costume, but actually a practical outfit for a martial artist specializing in ground techniques- a skintight, sleeveless blue-and-purple bodysuit with capri-length pants that left her lower legs and feet bare (for mobility).

Here's the original Tekken CG intro, which includes Nina in action in her P1 Costume.

Of course, the detail any foot fan would notice right away was the nice bit of red nail polish on her toes (which at the time were only toes in the CG renders- in game they were just red points at the end of blocks). Despite the fact that you'd need quite a bit of imagination to find first-gen character models sexy, I found Nina attractive even then- particularly for her barefooted-ness. She became my favorite fighter, and I looked forward to the next games with my unshod heroine at my side.

Really, Nina doesn't need to bare it all to look amazing (but it can't hurt... heheh).

Sadly Tekken 2 came out with Nina no longer barefoot- she had reverted to the mundane high heels and boots which I really thought was left to someone like her sister, Anna. I had thought that going barefoot was Nina's 'thing', because she was a grappler. Well, if that was ever in her concept, it was gone in succeeding Tekken games. Footfans would not see Nina's bare soles and toes again (at least, ingame) until the coming of the awesome Tekken 6 and it's character customization features allowing us to deboot several of the babes.

Juri never stood a chance. Red nail polish beats purple every time.

Still, Nina's original P1 Outfit in the first Tekken was always a sentimental fave. Through the years I've always wanted to have this costume back. Sadly, it never happened. The Tekken devs never revisited it, and no game with Character Creation or such could recreate the original Barefoot Assassin to my satisfaction- not even Tekken 6. Yeah, it was cool to deboot Nina in her new outfits, or even have her as a Barefoot Nurse of Pain, but it just wasn't the same. And so it was that with great surprise that this little itch of my gaming past has finally been scratched thanks to a Capcom-produced game and an awesomely talented modder.

Really, Sloth's recreation of the outfit is pretty much perfect. It's all there- her proper hairstyle, the choker, the bracelets, the sleeveless blue-and-purple skintight outfit with the capri-length pants, the yellow belt, the ankle brace and... best of all... the red-painted toenails. Perfect. No, not even just perfect- it's actually better. Literally, I realize, Nina in her original P1 NEVER looked as good as she does in Streetfighter X Tekken. My dream of seeing her in this classic outfit in updated graphics has truly been fulfilled, and then some.

Classic Nina shows the youngsters how it's done!

Not even the Shotokan Demon is a match for Nina's sexy feet!

Head to toe, she's stunning- most of all in our most valued part- her darn sexy FEET. Sloth is truly an artist when it comes to rendering bare feet (when he wants to, I guess); Nina's footsies look amazing- the detail in the textures, the skin color and even the darn veins- it all makes them look like real feet. Plus the toes- lovely, kissable digits tipped with red- so sexy. The great thing is, all in all, Nina's purposely big (I love the size, actually) feet don't look dainty or delicate... they look strong and tough. But they STILL look pretty and quite feminine (the red nail polish probably helps a lot). Even up close, extremely up close (as seen in Nina's Rival Cutscene video below), her feet look amazing- truly a work of art!

Best. Closeup. EVER. Even at this distance, Nina's feet look positively good enough to eat.

Streetfighter X Tekken's barefoot babes duke it out!

Darn, that's a lot of gushing. Well, what can I say? I love this mod, it's my new favorite (even if Barefoot Cammy is still bottom-line sexier) and gives me more reason to love the game, and another mine of video material to enjoy and share with you all. The original Barefoot Blonde Bombshell in Brawling is Back and I'll be the first in line to give those gorgeous, deadly toes and soles the kisses and service they deserve.

Yep, this lady's hot and she knows it.

So enjoy the vids I've posted here and on the Youtube Channel. There will be surely more to come! Even if there's still possibilities of more mods that will get the rest of the babes in Streetfighter X Tekken go barefoot, I'm already so happy right now. Nina's Feet are the Bomb. Heheh.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chun-Li SSF2T Dress Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Chun-Li is dressed to party in Streetfighter X Tekken!

With me all in a tizzy right now with VF5FS released, you'd think I wouldn't have time for any other fighter... but heck, how can I ignore another sexy barefoot mod from the mod maestro Sloth86?

Lately the Sloth has been doing mods for the cross-over brawler Streetfighter X Tekken (PC), which is awesome. The first, of course, was a conversion of his 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy mod from SSFIVAE. The second was his Poison Revealed mod, which had the Mad Gears Moll in just a bikini and bare feet. Unfortunately, this only sounds good on paper- I refuse to use this mod given that Sloth, being the stickler for canon and lore that he is, added in a little 'package' in Poison's panties... yep, well, we know what Poison is after all- basically a TRAP, so that character really isn't really a babe, and his/her feet look flat and ugly so I don't really care that much for the mod.

Thankfully, Sloth's third SFxTekken mod is back to real (as real as virtual can be) babes, as he produces what may be an original mod for the game (not a port from SSFIVAE). It's a mod for the lovely Interpol beauty, Chun-Li, titled the SSF2T Ending Costume mod.

Chun-Li's Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo Ending Scene.

As the title says, the dress comes from that venerable chapter in the World Warrior saga, a happy party number worn by the usually serious, dressed-for-business supercop at the end of her adventures. It certainly is very different from Chun's usual look, and having her hair down is a definite thumbs up. Unfortunately, Sloth's mod actually has her wearing sandals, so I've taken the liberty of removing them using Peachmontee's SF4 Explorer. I've also removed part of the original mod's skirt, but it still left a short bit- in the end it kinda looks like an exotic dancer costume, kinda like what you'd expect a character like Zafina from Tekken would wear, so it's fine. Heheh...

In any case, it's a pretty sexy outfit, given to some nice upskirt ops whenever Chunners does a high kick (which is pretty much ALL THE TIME). Her feet though look quite tough-looking rather than dainty though, but for Chun that's kinda expected. In any case, I'm sure her fans will like it- I certainly do. Chun looks so cute and sweet. Anyway, I've posted a couple of videos with Chun in her new dress for you guys to enjoy (along with barefoot Cammy as a bonus). Man, can you imagine Chun walking around in this dress, barefoot? Man, I'd follow her all over the place, she'd probably kick me in the face. Mmm... Chun-Li's foot in my face... nice. Ahem... enjoy the vids!

Chun-Li and Cammy's Arcade Mode Rival Battle (with new mod installed).

Chun and Cam's party on with Arcade Mode's final boss, Ogre.

And this is just the beginning! Another, even HOTTER Sloth mod will be shown off next, so stay tuned! Man, I LOVE mods and PC gaming!!! Heheh...

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: The Best Barefoot Babe Fighter has Arrived

The best barefoot babes in fighting games are ready to brawl for you.

 As I was about to start writing this feature, I was debating at first whether or not to put a question mark at the end of the title- but in the end, I decided not to. For there really isn't any doubt of that. Pound for pound, babe for babe, foot by lovely bare foot... Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (or VF5FS for short) is THE fighting game barefoot babe fans need to have. Of course, it sits just ahead of a couple of also Must-Have brawlers that have been this blog's mainstay of hot soles for the past couple of years. Close behind in second place is solidly Tekken 6, with it's awesome fleshy soles, sexy KOs and hot Tekken Babes. Bringing up third are the wonderful, mod-able PC Streetfighter games- Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition and Streetfighter X Tekken.

The opposition are in many aspects superior to VF5FS; Tekken has more babes, better-rendered soles and toes. Streetfighter brings the fun, amazing camera angles, amazing (if stylized) detailed feet and the teasing fun of modding. However, Sega's fighter just brings with it simple solid barefoot luxury. Five babes, all uber-hot, all now finally given Barefoot Customization, all as well allowed to go as sexy as mainstream non-porn games can allow- bikinis, and bare feet- a combo that just can't be beat. Add to this the game's peerless animation, the hot fighting action just allows for some truly sexy knockouts... well, this is a game that I just find so satisfying to play and watch.

Customizations aplenty... of course only ONE customization is actually vital...

All is not perfect- gaming wise, the content is a bit bare bones aside from the actual Character Customization (which trounces the other games to no end). You will need to love the VF style of fighting gameplay to really get into this game, which shouldn't be too hard since this version of VF5 is easily the most accessible, most entertaining and enjoyable to play. Now, I don't really care about online much, but it's there- all I need is the babes, their wardrobe of hot costumes, the ability to keep their feet firmly uncovered and to just watch them go into action. Surely, after every brawl these lovely babes will want their tired feet to be kissed, serviced and massaged by their loving fans. And really... the VF girls' feet just look so soft and delicate (as opposed to the tough femme feet in Streetfighter) and oh, so spotless all the time. Perfection, that's what this game is, in terms of barefoot hotness. I'm sure to enjoy this game as long as I can hold a controller. Or till VF6 arrives... heheh.

Really, with this game running on a big TV before you, you can see how awesomely hot it is- nothing quite like a barefoot, bikini babe in HD kicking high, her soles into your face right in front of you. Man, the VF babes are awesome... and they're all mine to play with now. Well, ours... heheh.


Yeah, it's practical to fight in just a bikini... really!

 Anyway, here's the goods! Some of the first fight vids made with the PS3 version of VF5FS. Thankfully NO MORE DATA or inputs or logos blocking our view, and the vids are now in HD. I'll be posting vids from this game from here on in, of the various girls (there ARE only five of them, so I'll get to each in time) in varying outfits (the common factor of course will be, well, bare feet).


Would you be able to focus on a fight with a babe as hot as Sarah..?

I can play this game forever.... or till VF6...

All the babes are hot in their own ways... find your favorite!

I can't even begin to express how HOT this game is... particularly now in HD and without all the stupid input data blocking the view!

I know I kinda mentioned in an earlier post I'd be going with Aoi, but man... who can resist Sarah Bryant in her bikini? I can't, dudes. She just wrapped her leg around my neck and I had to give in. So check out these first vids and enjoy! More will be on the channel, or to be posted in future articles as we go. Enjoy!
VF5 Final Showdown is now available for sale and download on PSN and XboxLive! Get it now for endless barefoot babe brawling enjoyment!!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Angel E3 2012 Foot-age (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

The beautiful Angel is surely going to be a foot-fan fave in Tekken Tag 2.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is certainly shaping up to be a game for footfans, even if Barefoot Customization seems a no-show as yet. Still, with characters who are barefoot by default, it's still something we should look forward to... especially if the digital bare toes and soles on offer are as heavenly as that of Angel, the mysterious winged female fighter who first appeared in Tekken 2. Well, nicely enough it seems that for this E3 the spotlight was squarely on her (and Kunimitsu) in terms of the console characters used and seen most often in the TTT2 videos. So for our convenience and enjoyment, here are the videos featuring this flying barefoot babe, gathered into one post.

     The E3 Stage Demo features 15 minute of nice, crisp video of Angel (and Kuni) going through the game's Arcade Mode.

Some more Tag-Team action with Angel and Kunimitsu in this vid.

IGN's Stage Demo for TTT2 features nice, clear video... which is kinda spoiled by the fact that Angel's feet are often covered by an annoyingly badly-placed inset video...

Level Up Your Game's coverage of TTT2 features TONS of footage (heheh), albeit in Cam quality (Still HD).

 Darn, I can't wait to take Angel out for a spin when Tekken Tag 2 arrives in September... I wonder if she likes foot massages?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hitomi E3 2012 Gameplay Foot-age! (Dead or Alive 5)

She's back in her gi and looking awesome!

Dead or Alive 5 is being shown off at this year's E3, and lots of gameplay is finally being revealed. Also now come to light is the fact that our favorite karateka, Hitomi, has gotten her karate gi (or uniform) back! It's not quite the same as in previous games, but at least she's still totally-barefoot in it (no instep guard nonsense for this hardcore cutie) and looking darn great. I'm still bummed out that it still seems that no one ever gets knocked out in this beat 'em up, but having barefoot babes in this sexy brawler kinda assuages my outrage.

On another, but similar, note, it's already clear that characters in DOA5 are getting multiple costumes- apparently there will also be 'sexy' outfits in the final release, and in an announced Collector's Edition. The sexy outfits haven't yet been all shown off, but Kasumi's is one of her DOAX swimsuits. We still haven't been shown a full pic of Kasumi in the swimsuit, so unless I see her actually barefoot in it (DOAU had her in a bikini but wearing darn sandals) I'll hold off celebrating. In any case, it looks like Dead or Alive 5 won't be scrimping on the sex appeal and fan service, so that makes it something to look forward to in a few months. Man, which will be the hotter game- DOA5 or Tekken Tag 2? It's pretty clear though- VF5 Final Showdown kicks both of their asses handily... heheh.

Anyway, check out the nice HD vid of barefoot karate girl Hitomi kicking some non-barefoot kunoichi butt. Enjoy! UPDATE: There are lots more Dead or Alive 5 with Hitomi in her Karate Gi over at the IGN Pro League Youtube Channel, but they're not as crisp as the vid above. Check 'em out for more Hitomi!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Barefoot Hitomi is BACK in DOA5!

Barefoot Hitomi's back in her gi, making footfans all over very happy...

UPDATE: Replaced my previous blurry screencaps with nice, clearer images. FINALLY a great development in the upcoming sequel to DOA. After a long, long wait footfans can look forward to barefoot babe action in Dead or Alive 5. The latest trailer to the game, debuting at this year's E3, reveals (albeit briefly) the lovely Hitomi wearing her Karate Gi and barefoot... as she SHOULD BE. It's been too long since the brown-haired karateka has been in her proper dojo attire- I was afraid for a while that we'd have another crappy DOA4 chapter but this finally makes DOA5 a title I can get behind. You can check out the action below.

  Lots of babes and cinematic battles!

 Now, if only the game gives the other girls barefoot outfits as well... I'm happy with Hitomi already, but hey, the more the merrier! There does seem to be customization in the game- perhaps we'll see shoeless options for the other ladies. In any case Hitomi makes DOA5 a must-get for me this September... perhaps Team Ninja can sweeten the pot and throw in her polka-dot bikini as well? Heheh... I'll be keeping my eye on DOA5 from here on in. More barefoot karateka as we find her!

Nice sole shot here- hopefully the character models' feet in DOA5 have improved since we last saw them.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting Ready for VF5 Final Showdown!

Barefoot and bikini-clad virtual femme fatale Aoi Umenokoji.

My, oh, my. I have always believed in the saying, 'Everything comes to he who waits,' and lo- that has proven true indeed. For the past several years, I (and quite a few fellow foot-loving gamers out there, surely) have been dreaming of one particular title to come to our grimy hands. That title is, of course, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. The latest and BEST upgrade to the original VF5 (which came out in 2006!), VF5FS greatly improves the base game in so many ways- significantly changing every fighters' move lists with sexy new moves and animations (such as several sexy new KOs), adding two brutal new challengers into the roster, improving the camera, adding dynamic new stages and so on... but of course, the best addition in VF5FS is... Barefoot Bikini Babes.

Well, actually Barefoot Customization for every babe (actually every fighter including males) already arrived in a previous upgrade, VF5R... but it is only in FS that Bikinis were added, as part of the new 'S' class of outfits (basically a bare essentials look which allows for players to mix and match any element from all the other outfits together). Thus Final Showdown brings together the best and sexiest combo- bare feet and bikinis, and in the highest quality in a mainstream beat 'em up. DOA hasn't given us this since the PSX version (Team Ninja can go jump in a lake); Tekken apparently has a 'No Bikini' law being enforced by their producer (What IS it with him?) and Soul Calibur... well, sadly their character models' feet just aren't as well-rendered as I want them to be.

Long Story Short- our dream is FINALLY about to come true, with the best and hottest fighting game out there arriving on consoles (PS3 and Xbox360) in just a few days! All you require is a console and a good internet connection, since VF5FS is a DLC game- digital download ONLY. This is actually great since it means you can play it on your console without running a disc in the drive- always better for the longevity of your machine. Even better, the game only costs $14.99 (or 1200 Microsoft Points) on PSN, with the Customization DLC (All outfits for all characters are grouped into 2 bundles of $14.99 each). All in all, the whole package is just shy of $45... what a STEAL considering the thousands of customizations in the package and endless hours of awesome, peerless (barefoot) fighting action and KOs to be enjoyed.

I am excited as can be- I'm planning to use the lovely Aiki-Jutsu mistress, Aoi Umenokoji, first. She was the first barefoot babe in VF (since she was the only girl with barefoot customization in Vanilla VF5), and as such is a sentimental favorite (plus she was the one I always used of course, so I should be at least a bit competent with her). As you can see, she ditches the hakamas and kimonos in her new 'S' bikini, albeit with a sarong- though that flimsy bit of cloth doesn't really conceal as much as it just teases. Heheh. It will be awesome to play with Aoi again and have her stomp her soft and lethal soles into her opponent's faces... or to see her unconscious sleepy soles in defeat. Whatever happens, we really can't lose! I'll surely be posting TONS of VF5FS vids- both matches and KO vids- at the Youtube Channel as well as here, so stay tuned.
Have to say, the past few months- having fun with PC mods and now back to console- really make me so happy I'm a foot-loving gamer in this day and age. Best time ever. Heheh. Later then!