Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cammy's Perfect Feet (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Definitely soles and toes made to please foot-lovers.

Lately we've seen one awesome and hot barefoot mod after another released for SSFIVAE PC by the amazing modder, Sloth86. But of course, we should always remember the first footlover's mod created was for the adorable Cammy. The 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod, based on a segment in Udon's Streetfighter comic where the Delta Red cutie spent some pages slinking around sans her trademark gauntlets and Doc Marten's boots. Of course, just the sight of this classic videogame hottie barefoot was enough to move me to buy a laptop. Heheh... Anyways, since the original release Sloth has posted some updates to the mod- the second major revision refined the character model, added color variants and reduced the size of Cammy's feet from their original, Makoto-sized Mammothness.

This latest revision, (I think it's Version 3, but according to Sloth it's V.2) further fixes graphical edges and blemishes on Cammy's bod and gives her new costume variations- several of them with her wearing her cute beret and leg camo paint. But most significantly though, the new mod replaces Cammy's FEET. This new rev no longer has Makoto's feet as the model, but uses instead the ninja peds of Ibuki! But of course, it wasn't just a matter of Sloth simply copy-and-pasting the kunoichi's feet onto Cammy's legs- he definitely worked his artistry on them to make them different and unique to Cammy... and the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.
What we end up with is Cammy with feet that look amazingly detailed, life-like and realistic, normal-sized in proportion (relatively), with amazingly smooth and soft-looking soles and lovely, delicate-looking toes!

I have to admit- at first I kinda felt that I would miss the original mod's big, strong-looking feet. However, after seeing the new mod in action, and pretty much realizing that Cammy's new feet now look AMAZING from every single angle... man, I have to say that Cammy's feet in this new mod are easily, far and away, the most feminine-looking, prettiest and most kissably beautiful bare feet in the game... and a rival to pretty feet in other fighting franchises! See for yourself! I think Sloth definitely gave Cammy's soles a special touch- they look so nice and soft though, you'd wonder if it would actually hurt if she hit you with them!

Even THIS up close, Cammy's feet are simply gorgeous to behold.

Here are some vids showing off the various costume/color variants available with the new Cammy mod. They all look awesome, and certainly I can appreciate the Killer Bee costume. Once again, this is an awesome mod from the master of barefoot mods, and definitely yet another reason why I can say I love being a foot-loving gamer.

I have to say, I'm kinda glad that Sloth didn't give Cammy any 'sleazy' micro-bikini variants... that goes a long way to making this mod feel 'legit'- I feel THIS is really how Cammy should be. She doesn't need those boots- her feet are deadlier bare! Capcom, take note! That also just makes me feel this mod is specially made for us foot-fans alone, heheh.
Man, I have to take a shower or all I'm going to be dreaming of tonight is Cammy pressing those soft soles and toes into my face. Enjoy the vids!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyrim's Re-animated Soles (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

Skyrim serves up plenty of sexy barefoot babes...

A few years ago, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion from Bethesda Software blew me away with it's amazingly immersive and detailed world, open and free gameplay and lavish fantasy action. Well, all the action and fantasy returns even more improved in an even more detailed and immersive world full of freedom to play and enjoy the setting as you please in the new Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Literally EVERYTHING has gotten better, from the looks of the game to the combat to the skills system and magic, storyline and interactivity and freedom to just go wild... pursue the main quest right away, or just spend the next several hundred hours killing every chicken in the continent... it's up to you.

Of course, with this new sequel also returns the kinky fun. Like the ability to strip down slain human enemies to just their underwear (and of course bare feet). There's good news and bad news to this 'feature'. The character models' feet aren't as detailed as in Oblivion (which wasn't that detailed either in terms of textures, but at least had individual toes), but at least aren't as blank and featureless as in Bethesda's prior game, Fallout 3 (which killed a lot of the enjoyment for me). On the plus side though, the babes in Skyrim- and there are a LOT (both good or neutral human NPCs and hostile enemies) are HOT and sexier than any female in Oblivion. That and the fact that you can still manipulate bodies makes Skyrim a foot fetish/sleepybabe fan's dream game. Yeah, if only the feet had Tekken 6-quality realism, I'd probably never take this game out of my PS3. Heheh...

Anyway, aside from the many hot babes whose shoes you'd want to throw off, another kinky joy in Skyrim is... well... necromancy, or the ability to reanimate corpses and make them follow you as your allies. In Oblivion you needed to find a unique magical staff to do this, called the Staff of Worms. Unfortunately, the effect was only temporary, though you could do it over and over. In Skyrim, Necromantic magic is now more readily found and used by the player. Barefoot zombie babes to follow you around? Yeah, but it actually isn't that easy. Check out the vid below, as I try out the basic Raise Zombie spell on these sexy, mohawked bandit twins I defeated in one of the dungeons.

Low-level Necromancy spells give you sexy zombie babes... for a very short time.

Yep, unfortunately the low to expert-level Necromancy spells only allow a body, from low-level creatures to higher-level enemies, to be reanimated for about a minute or so. Afterwards, the malignant magic consumes the body and reduces it to ash. What a waste of some hot bods! I was pretty pissed at this downgrade from Oblivion... that is, until I learned about the Dead Thrall spell.
The highest level Necromancy magic, Dead Thrall will reanimate a dead human body permanently... well, at least until they're killed again. But the good part here is that the body will NOT crumble into ash, and instead just be lifeless- all you need do is re-cast the Dead Thrall spell and your un-living ally is good as new!

So you can imagine I did all I could to acquire the spell immediately- and I did! I tried it out on a hot evil NPC babe I encountered recently in one of the sidequests, and now, well, I have a uber-hot vampire-temptress following me around. Her name is Alva and she's really easy on the eyes. She can swing a weapon, cast nasty magic and, well, best of all, she didn't mind me throwing away her boots so she'd always show off her sexy, bare (and nicely unblemishable) feet. Heheh...

Prior to becoming my first Dead Thrall, the sexy Alva here was an evil vampire temptress. Mmmm.

Of course, aside from just eye candy, a sexy Dead Thrall is quite useful. Unlike living, human companions who CAN get killed in the course of fierce battle, Thralls can get snuffed out and you can simply re-animate them again. They can carry a ton of stuff to extend your carrying capacity and never complain at all. The only wrinkle to making Dead Thralls your pack mule companion is that you can't really communicate or command a Thrall directly- they just follow you and try to kill anything that is hostile to you. So the only way to give them items or take them back from a Dead Thrall is to render them lifeless and unconscious again first then stuff their pockets while they're out cold. Again, sounds kinkier than it really is...

Anyway, here's a vid showing off my sexy Alva in action with a giant. No, she's not the toughest ally, but well, YOU try standing up to a giant! At least she's fearless, and well, even if she gets killed, no problem! And that raising animation just never gets old. Heheh.

Sexy barefoot Dead Thrall vs. Giant... and the winner is YOU!

All in all, Skyrim is TONS of fun. It's certainly the best RPG I've ever played, and the enjoyment here satisfies on so many levels, sexy babe soles, hot KOs and such included. I highly recommend this game, to everyone, footfans or not. Try it out! Now if you'll excuse me, Alva and I have to go kill a dragon in the next town. Later!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sakura 'Swimmer' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Finally, Sakura joins the rest of the Barefoot Bathing Babe Brawl!

It's been a while since the SSFIV AE PC modding craze started, and since then we've seen stuff that we've only dreamed of. Well, thanks to this latest mod by Sloth86, I'm sure a lot of foot-loving SF fans' wishes have now been granted. Yeah, we've already been treated to a barefoot Sakura Kasugano care of the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod... but now FINALLY the lovely martial artist shows off not just her soles and toes but her hot and toned bod as well with the Sakura 'Swimmer' mod!

Ryu's No.1 Fan and Shotokan Schoolgirl Sakura now takes to the battle arena wearing the ubiquitous School Swimsuit and bathing cap. The ensemble is certainly cute and reminds me of Kasumi from the classic PSX fighter Dead or Alive. But for those not liking the cap, don't worry- fully five of the 10 color variant suits have Sakura without the headgear so we have a nice choice. Plus the suits are available in several nice colors and designs, some of which are branded which is a nice bit of detail. Variants 9 and 10 are particularly eye-opening as being so skimpy that they'd make the DOA Girls blush. More importantly though, I'm pretty sure as well that Sloth improved the quality of Sakura's lovely soles, which makes watching her Ultra, with it's ultra-closeup view of her foot slamming into her opponent's face- always a pleasure. I'm sure footfans would give quite a bit to be on the receiving end of Miss Kasugano's fetching feet... the surely odd sensation of being sent into the air notwithstanding!

Sakura will surely be the most unique of the SSFIV barefoot babe cast- if only for the single reason she easily has the smallest feet compared to the rest of the femme furies. It gives her a special appeal, probably mostly to those who can't or won't accept that the girls' humongous foot size is more an aspect of the game's art style rather than being totally literal.

Just two of the cute color variants available in this awesome barefoot bathing mod.

Two more color variants of the mod are featured in this Mirror Match.

I like Sakura better sans bathing cap. How 'bout you guys?

Two of the cuter suits in this match-up...

Sakura takes on the sexy Juri in this bathing battle.

Enjoy these two initial vids for now- there will surely be TONS more very soon. This is certainly yet another amazing masterpiece from the Master Modder. I wonder what will be next? Later then!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Corsair (Assassin's Creed Rearmed/Revelations)

Who is this hot, leggy, barefoot, blade-wielding beauty?

UPDATED:It's now been revealed that this fetching babe with the overcoat, corset and lovely, long bare legs is The Corsair. Other than that though, we know little else aside from the single important fact that she WILL be among the playable characters in Assassin's Creed Revelations' Multiplayer game- and I can't wait to see her in action. November 15 can't come soon enough!

Well, who's this fetching femme fatale? At first I thought this long-haired babe was an alternate outfit/customized version/early concept art of The Trickster, but apparently she's an altogether different character from Mirela Djuric- she appears in the Intro of the free iOS game Assassin's Creed Rearmed (a multiplayer mobile game) which I've posted below. However, I'm still not sure which of the characters she's supposed to be.

In any case, this long-haired and long-legged femme fatale may appear among the available Templar characters in Assassin's Creed Revelations' Multiplayer, since the artwork above appears from a Revelations cast concept artwork. Really hoping this is so, as you can never have too many barefoot babes. I certainly LOVE her design- she's actually even hotter than the Trickster with her more leggy look. Crossing my fingers for that. Anyway, I can't wait to have more barefoot assassin action later this month. For now, enjoy the art above and the video below.

Barefoot babes make the best assassins! Well, at least, the best-looking...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mirela 'The Trickster' Djuric (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

The beautiful, deadly Trickster looks absolutely gorgeous in this in-game render.

I first posted about this lethal and lovely assassin quite some time ago, and here's a nice update. The upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations brings with it not just the conclusion to the saga of Florentine Assassin Ezio Auditore, but as well a much-improved Multi-Player game. Improved in the simple fact that now, there's finally a barefoot babe for us to ogle among the ranks of Abstergo's Templar operatives. Her name is Mirela Djuric, or simply The Trickster. Gypsy-like thanks to her alluring way of padding about sans footwear, this stealthy femme fatale surely will bedazzle any male enemy with a foot preference. Of course, being a super-skilled assassin, she can leap, climb and run with the best of them, with nary ever a scratch or nick on her smooth soles and dainty toes. You gotta love videogames.

My only gripe perhaps pertains to Mirela's in-game model. I guess games like Tekken 6 spoiled me, with their realistic, fleshy soles. Sadly the Trickster's feet in the game kind of looks like she's wearing a kind of pink pads beneath her feet. Of course, she IS barefoot, as can be seen in her concept design, artworks and, well, from the top view of her in-game model. I guess they couldn't really render her feet that much in detail. Still, this barefoot amazon is quite a sight to see, as she stalks her prey and sexily prances about. What I'd surely give to have her place her feet in my hands, for me to massage and worship every toe.

You can see The Trickster in action in the video below, an introductory mission from the Assassin's Creed Revelations Beta, which I was lucky enough to participate in for several hours. I'll probably update this post with more videos of barefoot assassin babe action, but for now enjoy this initial video offering.

With her piercing eyes, teasing costume and alluringly bare feet, Mirela the Trickster is surely the hottest babe in Revelations' Multiplayer.

The final release version of Assassin's Creed Revelations is due later this month, so I'll probably be picking that up. The final game will have customization options for the MP characters, so I'll see if we can make our gypsy operative even hotter in some way, or perhaps even get some of the other female Abstergo agents barefoot... I can dream, can't I? Heheh.

UPDATE: Here's a new Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer, focusing on Abstergo's Templars' in Multiplayer.

Hone Mirela into the Perfect Barefoot Assassin!

Our barefoot babe is seen briefly but sweetly towards the end, starting at 2:11. Two things are notable- one, they may have improved or fixed The Trickster's discolored/overly-pinkish, plasticky soles for the final release, judging from the screencap below. Hopefully this is so, cause this was the one really irritating flaw in her otherwise gorgeous character model.

Ouch! That's no way to treat a lady!

Secondly, we see Mirela sporting some customizations (see in the pic below), which has her wielding a more formidable axe instead of her dinky little dagger, wearing black gloves and a shorter skirt/shorts bottom. Hopefully any costume tweaks you add won't change her being barefoot. After all, going shoeless is Mirela's distinct look, so they shouldn't stray from that, shouldn't they? Hope, hope!

Trick out your Trickster with Customization!

Man, I didn't think I could get any more excited than I am for this game- but after watching the new trailer, I'm really wanting it already!!! Can't wait to start playing with my barefoot femme fatale again. The game drops on Nov. 15. Just a bit more to go!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lightning vs Vanille: Barefoot Fantasy Fights! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC, Final Fantasy XIII)

Here's a requested series of match vids from the uber-awesome Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC that uses two wonderfully hot mods. Actually, it's a no-brainer of a match-up: Lightning, the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, takes on her in-game ally Oerba Dia Vanille AKA Vanille in sexy, underwear-clad, barefooted brawls! So now we can settle a secret rivalry that built up between these two FF babes ever since their adventures in Cocoon! Well, of course, it's actually just karate kid Makoto and her longtime rival/friend, ninja girl Ibuki under that FF cosplay, but these mods are so good, they may as well be actual characters from Square's flagship RPG injected into the Streetfighter world. That's all thanks to the creator of these awesome custom skins, Sloth86, who's still hard at work producing more goodies for us footfans to enjoy.

Anyway, who will prevail and stand with her unconscious opponent slumbering quietly beneath her super-hot soles? Will it be Lightning/Makoto or Vanille/Ibuki? Pick your fave and watch the vids to the end! Of course whoever ends up standing at the end, the real winners are us, the footfans. Be sure to give both of these barefoot hotties the worship on their perfect peds afterwards, all right? Enjoy!

I really can't decide whom I find more fetching now that they're both in hot bikinis/undies and fully barefoot. Well, there's more than enough room in my footfan's heart for both Makoto and Ibuki. Is that so wrong? Heheh... more to come soon!