Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Asuka Barefoot Battles! (Tekken 6)

Ready to go a round or two with her?

The great thing about Tekken 6, my favorite fighting game, is the large number of hot, barefoot-able babes in the roster. Last week, I played around with Asuka Kazama- hot Osaka-born teenage Kazama-Ryu martial artist, part-time vigilante and world-class fighter. Oh, and sexy barefoot babe with some of the fleshiest, most eye-catchingly yummy soles in the game. Currently, my Asuka's wearing her nice Kosode top- a fetching traditional Japanese top that nicely shows off a tasty bit of shoulder and arm from Miss Kazama. Her bottom is, of course, my favorite cloth shorts or sarashi, which is basically just a long piece of white cloth wrapped around her lower bod (over some undies, I'm sure). It's a simple but sexy number that just shows off a lot of skin and Asuka's fine physique. Of course, her amazing legs and feet are bare, her fresh soles padding on the lucky ground beneath them.

Enjoy these hot vids showing Asuka kicking ass with her hot soles, both taking and dishing out some sexy KOs. Enjoy!

Asuka faces off with Christie Monteiro in this barefoot babe match.

Dark anti-hero Jin is tough, but Asuka will make him taste de feet!

Azazel's demonic powers can't stand up to a Asuka's pure soles!

Who's the next babe in the barefoot battlin' spotlight? Wait and see...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yuna's Feet (Dissidia 012 Duodecim) UPDATED with Better Footage!

The most famous and beautiful feet in gaming.

Without a doubt, the most recognizable (and certainly among the most ogled) pair of feet in gaming are those of the lovely Yuna, heroine of Final Fantasy X and now one of the Warriors of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy 012 Duodecim. Just some time ago, her return to action in the PSP sequel RPG/Fighting hybrid was teased simply by showing her hakama-clad bare feet stepping lightly on crystalline waters. Since then, foot fans have been hoping that there would be much more views of Yuna’s perfect peds to be seen, perhaps in the final game’s full intro FMV. Unfortunately upon viewing the Japanese version’s intro movie, it is now apparent that apart from the short moment shown of Yuna’s feet in the trailer, there’s only about a second more of ‘footage’… but even if it’s not quite a full walk cycle, it’s thankfully enough for me to work with.

So here is my latest offer to foot-loving gamefans, a video made with a bit of editing and transitions to give us a long, lingering and longing look at surely some of the most silky, milky-perfect bare feet yet seen in gaming, walking onscreen and into your dreams.

Easily the most recognizable and beautiful pair of videogame feet ever. Watch in HD!

Oh, what we’d all surely give to be the water underneath, to feel the soft and gentle touch of those utterly hypnotically beautiful toes and soles. Imagine how soft they are, in your hands! Now THAT would be a truly heavenly experience. Man, I'd probably keep kissing and licking Yuna's feet from heels to toe tips to ankles till my lips go numb. Sigh. Anyways, enjoy the vid, everyone!

Oh, Yuna. Send us your heavenly feet, right now!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Messengers of the Vigil (Rift)

Death in the world of Rift means meeting barefoot winged hotties... wow!

Our friend and sometimes contributor OlgerthHeidern666 has given us this awesome update, with barefoot babes from the new MMO Rift. The babes here are the mysterious, somewhat creepy but quite hot Messengers of the Vigil. These winged, blindfolded hotties are beings who watch over members of the Guardian faction. Similar to the Valkyries in Norse mythology, the Messengers gather the dead to be resurrected as new warriors for their cause. In-game, they are NPCs that give you a couple of quests, and they appear to heal players when they die. Sadly, that's about as much interaction you can have with these enigmatic beauties, aside from just ogling their lovely, impressively-detailed and soft-looking soles as they float about.

Rather intimidating and creepy, but you can't doubt they have sexy feet!

As imposing and hard their armor may be, the Messenger's bare soles look wonderfully soft and kissable.

So if you're looking for an MMO alternative to WOW, Rift at least has some nice incentives on offer. Heh. Check out the cool video above to see a Messenger carrying off some lucky soul, and see the pics below for some nice views. Man, I'd love to give these Messengers' feet the worship they obviously deserve. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barefoot Elves (Dragon Age 2)

The sequel to Bioware's hit RPG Dragon Age: Origins arrived recently, and it improves on quite a few things. For starters, the main hero, Hawke, is now fully-voiced instead of being just another silent protagonist. Another improvement is the faster, more action game-ish combat. But with all the new stuff, easily the best and nicest improvement in this RPG sequel is... well, Barefoot Elven Babes! Yep, in DA2, the lovely, lithe and magical, pointy-eared demi-humans have a tendency to hate shoes, walking around usually wearing some kind of leg armor from their knees to the tops of their feet, but otherwise leaving the rest of their peds bare and their soles touching the ground. It's a nice aesthetic design change which the designers actually pointed out in a nice interview here. Here are some awesome character/costume designs for Dragon Age 2's barefoot elven babes. I'm not sure if you'll actually meet or see these in the game, but at least you can enjoy the awesome art right now.

These barefoot Elven mages don't need magic to enchant us footfans, I'm sure.

Tip-toeing into your dreams. These barefoot Elven rogues are badass and sexy!

Sadly you definitely can't create your own Elf protagonist in DA2, since the main hero/heroine is always human. Perhaps we'll see the sexy Elven character designs in the next Dragon Age game? Anyway, for now, soon after you begin your adventure in the city of Kirkwall, you'll surely notice an elf or two walking around shoeless. Tear yourself away from the nice view and head off to find fame and fortune, and hotter elves.

The first significant barefoot elf you'll encounter in your adventures is the sassy Athenril, a tough-talking hottie who leads a smuggling operation in the city where you find yourself adventuring in. She's pretty fetching and a fair-handed sort for a smuggler, but you'd better take care not to get on her bad side. Maybe a nice foot massage will get her talking to you again if that ever happens?

Athenril may be pretty, but she's also pretty ruthless... don't step on her sexy toes if you know what's good for you.

And then, of course, there's Merrill. She appeared as an NPC in the first Dragon Age, and now is back better than ever. For starters, she's a playable character and companion. Next, she's now a powerful mage who can kick ass with her spells. And lastly, of course, she got redesigned with the rest of her race and now walks around barefoot wherever she goes. She's also one of the characters your hero can pursue a romance with, so that's pretty awesome- but you're gonna have to use your imagination for hot, steamy love scenes with Hawke giving her feet the worship they deserve though.

I'm nowhere near even breaking the surface of what Dragon Age 2 has to offier, so I'm hoping to have lots of encounters with barefoot elven femme fatales and adventures aplenty with my cute mage, Merrill (gonna make her mine...). This game has so far been awesome. I really hope that the designers and developers keep the Elves barefoot for the inevitable Dragon Age sequels... if so, I'm sure they can count on footfans to keep adventuring in their lands for many, many quests to come. Later then! I gotta go hunting for Elves...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barefoot Babe Brawl! (Super Streetfighter IV)

I have to admit it- I've been totally ignoring everything else lately for Tekken 6. Can you blame me? Lili Rochefort has those perfect soles of hers (just check out my banner) in my face half the time, and the other half it's either Asuka, Nina, Alisa or Xiaoyu. They're all over the place with their awesome realistic feet and sexy slow-mo KOs. But still, somehow I was able to give them the slip and put in some time with Super Streetfighter IV. Capcom's fighter may not have the same style of realistic (relatively) character models and cool customizations, but what they lack in quantity is surely made up for in quality. Three hot babes who are barefoot by default, each one a wonder of character design, personality and style. The cartoony, stylized art is given to the game's larger-than-life look and feel, which makes the girls' feet huge, detailed and so easy to appreciate and love. And one edge the SSFIV babes' feet have over the rest- they're the most animated and personality-filled feet in videogames, surely!

Juri's feet are the most animated and limber in the game.

Take Juri Han's sexy, purple-tipped toes. You have to gawk in awe at how the SSFIV devs took the effort to animated her deadly sexy feet, making them seem so soft and supple in one win pose, where she just wags her foot teasingly in front of her enemy. Her throws as well show off nice foot animation, where you actually see her toes curl as she reaches out with them to grab her enemy by the hair and pull them down for some punishment. Awesome!

My favorite Juri win pose has her waving her foot hypnotically, bonelessly. What a tease...

It really doesn't hurt that Miss Han is no goody two-shoes but a malevolent vixen and dominatrix; bad girls just rock, and barefoot bad girls just rule. You can just imagine her sitting at her desk, feet up, toes flexing and curling in anticipation of some lackey coming in to give her toes and soles a thorough servicing. Watching Juri in action is a joy, as tons of her moves and attacks have her repeatedly thrusting her hot feet into her enemies' faces, making for some awesome sole shots. Just check out her sexy Fierce Punch attack below- actually a blow delivered by both feet, kicking up and at some lucky bastard. HOT!

Gotta love those pretty villainess toes and soles.

Then there's Ibuki. She was my absolute fave waaaaay back in the original Streetfighter III, and still I hold her in high regard. She's still as adorable and cute as ever, with an arsenal of awesome moves that have her darting, sliding and flying in, sexy ninja feet and soles kicking at her enemies with deadly precision. Almost all of Ibuki's moves give great views of her lovely toes and soles, particularly her Ultra which has her flying in the air and showering the opponent with kunai. Really, the sight of her ninja feet in the air never gets old.

NICE view of Ibuki, sexy ninja feet stalking her opponent, bare soles padding on the ground. Mmmm...

Deadly skills and utter cuteness... man, what a combination! I can imagine Ibuki just lounging around on the grass taking a nap, with that lucky tanuki Don licking her delectable toes. What I'd give for a Tanuki Transformation Jutsu so I can have me a taste of those perfect peds. Ibuki will always be a favorite among foot fans- let this shinobi sneak into your dreams whenever you can!

My fave Makoto win pose, nice sole shots all around from both her and her napping opponent.

And then there's Makoto, easily my favorite barefoot babe in SSFIV, for the simple fact that she is the ONLY actually barefoot babe in the game (since Ibuki and Juri have those thingies on their insteps). But then, I've always liked Mak since SF3 3rd Strike, and she got even more fetching in this 3D itineration. Her KO pose is now much improved, having her lying face-up instead of down in 3S, and her feet are as big and as expressively pretty as ever. No, this tough tomboy isn't for everybody's tastes, but for those who love martial arts girls, she's truly an exception and one hottie whose give-all attitude only adds to her subtle attractiveness.

Another enemy sleeps the day away after a bout with the karate kutie.

But heck, while all the pics above are awesome, why not see these barefoot brawler babes in motion? All the pics come from the fight vids below, so enjoy tons of sole shots, foot-to-face contact and sexy knockouts care of SSFIV on the PS3. Just take care to give these ladies the worship they deserve afterwards, eh? Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Barefoot Bonus Stages (Super Streetfighter IV)

One of the best barefoot babe games you can get on your console these days is the hot fighting game, Super Streetfighter IV, thanks to the trio of sexy unshod female combatants in the roster. Adorable ninja Ibuki, the Girl with True Karate Sole, Makoto, and the delectable Taekwondo Dominatrix, Juri Han. All three have their unique charm, look and attraction, yet they all share one thing- sexy bare feet that are as strong and invincible as they are sexy and oh, so good to kiss and lick! And they show off just how powerful in these videos as each girl takes on the game's cool Car Crushing Bonus Stage. So, which girl beats her mobile moog into submission the best? Check out the vids yourself and decide for yourself. Just imagine those hot soles raining down on your face. OUCH! That hurts so... good. Heheh.

Ibuki's nimble feet are ninjitsu-powered, so they can pack serious power as well as speed.

Just like her fighting style, Makoto's feet hide nothing, show everything- just pure raw power in those big, beautiful soles.

If looks could kill, Juri's sexy, pink-painted toes would make the car explode in an instant. But her kicks work too!

And how about a BONUS Bonus Stage video? Here's Makoto using her karate feet to beat a fleet of barrels into oblivion. Such exercise will surely make this girl tired. I'm sure she'll appreciate a foot massage on those soles and toes of hers after it all.

Bare Feet vs Barrels... FIGHT!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Matoya (Final Fantasy Legend)

Meet the lovely dancer, Matoya!

Barefoot babes are very rare in the Final Fantasy series. In fact, the only one that comes to mind is Cloud of Darkness in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Yuna (temporarily only). Then there's Matoya, the lovely lady you see in the pic above. Matoya? Who the heck is she? Well, she's a character in Final Fantasy Legend, a FF game being release on mobile platforms (cellphones, I guess) in Japan. Anyways, Matoya seems to be an important character in the game- an alluring dancer who also holds great power and is supposedly tied the Ultimate Weapon of some powerful Empire. Well, sadly we'll probably never see her in a release outside of Japan, but then again, do we really need to? The artwork here is pretty much all you'll need to see of his lovely barefoot babe, as her in-game appearance is that of a tiny, SD sprite that's quite lacking in detail. So perhaps it's not really that big a loss. So just enjoy the pics I've posted here to your heart's content, and let this relatively obscure Final Fantasy heroine's talented feet dance in your dreams. Oh, Matoya... we hardly knew you...

Yet another babe that's destined to remain out of our reach in Japan...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miss Midnight: The Final Issue? (DC Universe Online, PS3)

Okay, I've got sad news on the DC Universe Online front. For some pretty silly reason, some feminist idiots complained to the devs that the 'Serious' class female characters (of which my Miss Midnight is one of) walked too sexy. And stupidly enough, the devs listened and changed the walking animation. Now, instead of the lovely, never-gets-old glide she had before, my leather-clad femme fatale now hobbles about like someone jammed a monkey wrench up her ass... which is probably just as bad anyways. You can see the truly horrible change in this comparison video I whipped up. See it and weep.

So apparently in the DCU, sexy femme fatales walk like Rain Man.

It's so bad that I now do not find it worth the coin to renew my subscription, whose 30 free days ran out recently (apparently it runs in real time, not in times you play or are logged in). Also, since I can't play regularly, it's really not worth the money I invest in it.

So here is, as far as I can tell, the last issue of Miss Midnight. In this installment, her exploits bring her into contact with two of Gotham's deadliest females- the slinky Catwoman and the ruthless Huntress. Can you say, catfight? Anyway, who knows- If I find out the walking animation's been fixed and I find it worth it, maybe Miss Midnight's saga will continue. But don't hold your breath. There are other games out there, with more barefoot babes to find and worship. Just remember Midnight fondly as the darkly beautiful, barefoot avenging angel that she is, lovely, softly tip-toeing into your room, stroking your cheek with her perfect, smooth bare soles, inviting you to kiss her pearly tipped toes. What a way to go!

The last issue? Perhaps...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dream C Club (Xbox360, Japan-only)

Just a quickie bit here to start off the month. Here are some nice vids with lovely barefoot bikini babes dancing for our pleasure. The babes are from Dream C Club for the Xbox360. This Japan-only game has a pretty off-kilter premise- you're a patron of a hostess bar and you must try to achieve a Happy Ending with one of the many comely anime babes at the place, while trying to get drunk! Anyways, there are the usual song and dance numbers performed by the girls, all of whom you can outfit in various outfits to suit your fancy. Thankfully some of these costumes are barefoot numbers, like the ubiquitous Japanese-style school swimsuit, bikinis and more.

Rui's definitely an eye-catching performer with sole!

The lovely Mian shows her stuff.

Dark-haired Reika in her night shirt is just enchanting.

Anyway, since I'm not in Japan nor can I speak Japanese playing this game is pretty impossible, but at least we can enjoy these vids, and others to be found on Youtube. For now though, enjoy the girls' performances and be sure to give those cute toes worshipping kisses afterwards.