Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wetsuit Elena Sole Shots! (Uncharted 2) UPDATED!

Uncharted 2's barefoot blonde knockout shows off her soles.

UPDATE: Added one more vid. I finally got myself a copy of Uncharted 2 as well as the 'Sidekicks' DLC that gives me, among other new multiplayer skins, the sexy Wetsuit Elena, who's the only barefoot babe in the game (too bad there's no Wetsuit Chloe). Easily she's worth the pittance it took (about $3) to purchase the added content from PSN, as you can see in the video below! Miss Fisher certainly looks hot, scrambling around in her skin-tight wetsuit and bare feet, but really, the only way to get the best view of her lovely bare feet is when Elena's lying prone on the ground, unconscious and out of it. Thus this vid (made with UC2's cool cinema mode), showing off the combative babe getting knocked out (well, killed, actually) in action, was done. While the main appeal of this ryona-ish vid is more for KO fans like me, any foot fan should appreciate the lush and close up views of Elena's soles and toes that result.

For a DLC skin, Wetsuit Elena is quite nicely rendered and worth every cent. Now, if ever I really get to have a better connection and raise my skills, maybe then Elena can start kicking butt instead of just getting her cute behind kicked all the time... oh well. At least she has, I'm sure, tons of foot fans willing to worship and give kisses and licks on her smooth soles anytime, which is more than any of the other characters can say! Anyway, enjoy the vid!

Elena's cold feet require some warm kisses from adoring footfans...

More Elena taking shots to show off her soles...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles)

Alicia of Squad 7 is adorably cute in uniform. To see her out of it, check the vid below!

Lately I've really been getting into the strategy-RPG series Valkyria Chronicles (PS3, PSP). It's a pretty cool franchise, a kinda steampunk/alternate history European war where armies often have hot anime babes in their ranks. The poster girl and main heroine for VC is without a doubt the lovely and winsome Alicia Melchiott, the twin-ponytailed, rifle-bearing scout of Squad 7 in the Gallian Militia. Alicia's dedicated to several things- defending her tiny homeland from the oppressive Empire, her love for her (eventual) husband, Welkin Gunther, and baking really, really nice bread. Alicia fights a long and hard battle in the first game (and the matching anime) before she unlocks her mysterious past and earns her happy ending. Though she eventually marries that lucky lunk Welk, Alicia is surely a hot babe that anime and game otaku would surely want to hug and worship to no end for her fresh beauty, unyielding courage and wonderfully earnest personality. And, thanks to the cinematic below (from the PS3 game), we can add a hot bathing body to that too, along with some lovely, perfect feet!

Alicia in her bikini is sure to raise a lot of rifles out there.

Another wonderful piece of Valkyria art is this pic I found online, showing Welkin applying some field first aid to a blushing Alicia. How damn lucky is Welk to be able to strip off that boot and hold that perfect, soft leg and foot in his hands? He should surely give those smooth toes and soles a good kissing and licking along with the medicine, but then he might get a stomp on the face for that given Alicia's shyness... we wish. Anyway, enjoy the pic and the vid!

Welkin Gunther is indeed one lucky bastard...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 Babe

Barefoot babe design from the upcoming MMORPG.

Here's a nice bit of artwork from the upcoming RPG, Tengai Makyo Jipang 7, an internet browser MMORPG from Red Entertainment (Sakura Taisen). Who is this cutie? Apparently she's some sort of farmer, not really an adventurer or warrior since the game is apparently going to focus on the everyday citizens of the land. Sadly I probably won't be playing this since by nature I'm not really into MMOs, especially something you play from a browser. Still, it's a nice bit of artwork that is worth looking at. Whoever she is, this cutie surely warrants a nice, comforting foot rub and massage on those cute feet after a day in the fields. Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wetsuit Elena in Action (Uncharted 2)

Here's a gameplay video of a multiplayer match with the fetching barefoot Wetsuit-clad Elena Fisher. Too bad it doesn't have nice KOs of her, but what it does have is lots of the shoeless babe running about on silent, sexy soles, climbing, leaping and kicking enemy ass. My only complaint is the 'Booyah' win animation... ladies should have a sexier, more sultry win animation. Anyway, the model's quite nice and better than I expected, so this kinda makes me wanna get the game just so I can play with the skin. Enjoy the vid!

Wetsuit Elena will kill you dead!

Video with all the newer MP skins...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rapunzel (Disney's Tangled)

Rapunzel is one Disney babe made just for footfans... just look at those toes!

Okay, if yesterday’s babe was a bit on the leathery side, here’s a barefoot heroine of royal beauty. She’s of course the latest Disney princess to hit the silver screen, the long-haired Rapunzel. Brought to life in dazzlingly gorgeous CG, this beautiful princess has gotten me enchanted. I have to say she’s definitely the hottest and most gorgeous heroine yet from the Mouse Factory, and that’s not just because she’s a barefooter. I mean, just look at her! Anime-cuteness and lifelike softness from head to toe… and I do mean toe!

Anyway, this is a wonderful treat for us since I found these awesome images of Rapunzel online, being shared by the film’s animator to promote the film. You can easily see how wonderfully animated and expressive Rapunzel’s toes are. So much detail has gone into them it’s unprecedented as far as I know. Rapunzel has to be the first CG female character ever with so much detail given to her bare feet, to how her toes curl and move. It’s obvious that being barefoot is as much an integral part of this imprisoned princess’s character and design as her super-powered hair, and I am so darn excited to see this flick. Just seeing how much lovely animation and detail her feet will show is worth the price of admission.

The feisty Rapunzel and Flynn Rider AKA the luckiest bastard in the kingdom.

It remains to be seen though how long Rapunzel goes before she inevitably wears shoes, but I’m willing to bet she’ll be shoeless for a good part of the movie. I’m hoping that when she does wear them (in the ending), she pops them right off. Really- to shut in those freedom-loving feet would be tantamount to locking Rapunzel off into another tower again, and that would be pretty uncool. Well, at least for us foot fans.

I really can't blame villainess Mother Gothel for coveting Rapunzel so much...

This is one Disney princess that I’m sure all of us foot guys will RUSH to bow and kneel before, of course to give due and proper worship to those utterly lovely, soft-looking, perfectly-groomed, so-cute-I-want-them-in-my-mouth toes and soles. Foot massages, rubs, licks and kisses are due to this babe in royal amounts. I’m sure that Tangled will become THE animated flick for foot fans this November. Heck, I can’t wait for the Blu-ray release… heh.
For now, enjoy the images. Oh, and I’m sure they’re far too small for you, so grab the high resolution versions over here. You’re welcome!

Rapunzel, her mates, and her feet are headed for us in November! Get ready!

Also just posted, here are two awesome and foot-tastic new Tangled trailers. ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chell (Portal)

Barefoot heroine Chell and her Companion Cube.

I'm not usually into PC games, which explains why I wasn't able to post an update with this babe before. Chell here is the heroine of the critically-acclaimed puzzle-shooter, Portal. A prisoner and test subject, Chell must navigate her way through a labyrinthine complex, her plight and progress continually aided/impeded by an A.I. named GLADOS. Chell's main weapon is of course the Portal Gun, which allows her to... well... create portals. But of course the more important thing for us foot fans is that Chell goes through the game shoeless, wearing only a pair of braces on her shins that allow her to leap great distances. I have to say though that while I love her design, Chell's execution leaves a bit to be desired... let's just say that even if you're not a foot guy, I think you'd prefer looking at her feet than her face.

Heh... well, anyway, this babe has been better portrayed by other artists, which you can find elsewhere online.

Chell's all about her bare feet and... those leg-thingies.

In any case, I think that Chell is a great design, even if you can't really appreciate her in the game since it's mainly played from a first-person perspective and Chell herself pretty much has no animation or expression to speak of (she doesn't even speak, as far as I know). Perhaps it's due to the ordeal she has gone through- perhaps a soothing foot massage and kisses on her feet would get her to open up and perhaps soften her features a bit. I dunno. Anyway, Chell's coming back in the sequel game, Portal 2, but I don't know if she's still barefoot in it. We'll see once more stuff is revealed.

Ico is off to give his new babe a foot massage... horny kid.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarah and Aoi 'S' Outfit Pics (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Sarah's pose just screams 'get down on your knees and start kissing."

This week brings the Tokyo Game Show, and hopefully some news or confirmation on a possible console port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Really, this state-of-the-art brawler is THE barefoot babe game to get, with easily the silky-smoothest animation and hottest babes to ever show off their bikini bods and bare feet in all of gamedom. As mentioned earlier, there is a glimmer of hope that a home port is coming, care of Sega's trademarking of 'Final Showdown' for a console release. Maybe it will come sooner, maybe later. We just need to know it's coming, Sega!

Anyway, as if to tease us even more, Sega just released several screenshots of VF5FS, including two full-res pics of uber-hot blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant and Japanese aiki-jutsi mistress Aoi Umenokoji, dressed in their hot 'S' swimsuit outfits. As I've posted earlier, these swimsuits are actually just the starting point- players can mix and match pretty much any component of other outfits together in this 'S' slot, to make their own weird ensemble. Me, I'll keep just the swimsuit as is, really. Anyway, both ladies look sizzling- Sarah's looking amazing with her imposing height and never-ending legs that can deal out kicks faster than you can say 'uncle'... and who can say no to her incredible 'foot in your face' intro? Definitely Sarah is one babe who's always aiming her hot feet in our faces, and all I can say is, 'more, please!'

Aoi on the other hand may seem more understated, but this delicate-looking lady cannot be underestimated. She's definitely gorgeous and her skills in grappling and counters make her double-hot. That teasing sarong just never fails to catch my eye. Man, she's surely someone I'd love to roll around with on the arena floor, and I'm sure this dominatrix-in-disguise will love worshippers kissing and licking her alabaster-smooth and perfect soles and toes.

I'm praying and hoping with all my gamer thoughts that we are blessed with a home port of Final Showdown. This is all we need to be neck-deep in sexy barefoot babes till the next Tekkens and other hot games to come in the future. Keep believing, footfans! I'm keeping on this like a hawk. For now, enjoy the pics! You can find them in full resolution over here.

Aoi may look delicate and gentle, but she'll jam her foot in your face without a second thought... awesome.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Console Inches Closer?

Will we be seeing this barefoot bikini cutie on our TVs someday?

As regular readers here on the blog probably know, I'm a HUGE fan of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Building on what started in the previous VF5 upgrade, VF5R (which added barefoot customization for all fighters), VF5FS gives us the ability to outfit the sexy VF ladies in skimpy swimwear, and of course the only thing better than a barefoot babe is a barefoot babe in a bikini. So far, while Sega has been given a petition for a home console version of VF5FS with significant numbers, there has been as yet no sign of progress aside from a reply of appreciation from the Sega devs. Well, that is, until now.

Apparently Sega has just recently registered the trademark Final Showdown for consoles. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that they have plans on releasing a game with the FS subtitle... could it be... VF5 Final Showdown? My hunch is, yes, goddamit.

Well, all we can do is keep our fingers (and toes) crossed as we await further news and confirmation of a console release. Whether it's on Xbox360 or PS3, I'm gonna be on a home version of VF5FS like a hotdog in a bun. Keep believing, footfans, I think our patience is going to be rewarded. The best barefoot babe games are yet to come!

Live-action Juri, Makoto and Ibuki (Streetfighter High: The Musical)

The live-action Makoto (Monique Kim) faces off with El Fuerte.

Now here's a cool treat for us Streetfighter-loving footfans! The makers of the funny Youtube Fan Flick Streetfighter High have released their sequel video- Streetfighter High: The Musical. As cringe-worthy that may be at first glance, if you give this well-produced indie production a chance, you'll be rewarded. It's a BIG improvement over the first Streetfighter High flick as it ups the production values (better costumes and casting) and adds more characters... including a LOT more babes- including our own favorites from Super Streetfighter IV! Thankfully, all three of the actresses playing Ibuki, Makoto and Juri are hot and play their shoeless videogame counterparts to the hilt! Top marks have to go to the sexy Jennifer Zhang who absolutely NAILS barefoot TKD witch Juri. Heheh.

Awesome sole shot. Can't wait to see this in fullscreen...

Anyway, after all the wacky SF comedy and all the singing and dancing, there's some really cool fight sequences with the barefoot SSFIV babes during the credits. I can't wait to see these clips in full-screen soon. For now though, enjoy this live-actin doujinshi!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foot-tastic Streetfighter Fan Art!

Here's a special treat for us foot fans- lovely artworks with angles that foot fans will surely love! The first is a cool artwork of the sexy Juri Han, looking a bit pensive (or bored?), and looking down at what surely must be a defeated victim. The artwork gives a lovely view of Miss Han's purple-tipped toes and strong-and-sexy bare foot. Awesome!

Wouldn't you want Juri's foot pressing on your face right now?

The second, and even more awesome art shows off karate kid Makoto, performing one of her most soleful moves- her Standing Fierce Kick- right at the viewer. In-game, this is almost always a side-view, but nicely this artwork shows us a royal view of Miss Rindou's sexy and deadly soles and toes headed right for our smiling faces! The artwork is from artist Marco Dimaano. You can find high-res versions of the artworks over at his Deviantart page.

Makoto's Standing Fierce Kick is surely the fave of every foot fan.

Here's to The Lone Gamer producing more hot fan art very soon! For now, enjoy these soleful treats! Later then!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beingal (Legend of the Dragon)

Barefoot martial arts babe Beingal is one sexy hellcat!

Familiar with Legend of the Dragon? Apparently it's a fairly obscure martial arts-themed animated series from a few years back, which also spawned a line of toys and videogames. I've seen it here and there, but really, it was never widely seen and it's quite hard (if not impossible) to find anywhere. Which is a shame, really, since the series has one hot barefoot babe in its ranks- the feline fury known as Beingal! This lovely butt-kicker is a beautiful, long-haired Asian lady who has the wonderful knack for going around everywhere barefoot, being the martial artist and super-powered shapeshifter that she is. When big trouble hits, she can turn into a half-human, half-tiger form that fortunately still retains her human feet (albeit clawed).

Anyway, I've only managed to find a couple of vids online showing off Beingal and her sexy feet in action, so enjoy. The first vid has Beingal kicking some enemy arses in her Tiger form. Get 'em, pussycat!

Beingal in Action

The second clip has a lovely Beingal being attacked by the series' villain in a department store. Not quite to the level of Chun-li vs Vega, but still pretty awesome as a TV cartoon goes.

Beingal Attacked!

Beingal is quite the demure girl, and may be the love interest of the series' main hero (lucky dude). She's certainly one barefoot babe and martial arts hottie any footfan would love to service and worship. I know I'd love to give her soothing foot massages at the end of her hard day kicking monsters and villains with those sexy, deadly toes and soles. She's certainly worth the effort to track down the animated series or even just the games (PS2, PSP, Wii) if you can manage it. For now though, enjoy the vids and think of sexy martial arts feet to kiss and pamper. Later!