Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Juri Bio and Videos!

Here's a lot more stuff and info on the sexy new barefoot babe in Streetfighter, Juri. Her full name is Juri Han, code name: Spider. She's a spy working for S.I.N., the weapons development arm of Shadaloo headed by SFIV's final boss, Seth. She's anti-social and self-centered, caring only for things she finds interesting. In combat she loves to taunt her opponents. Her left eye was replaced with an artificial one that is equipped with a device called a 'Feng Shuei Engine' that gives her ki-powered attacks.

Han Juri
Country of origin: South Korea
Birthday: January 1
Age: 25 years
Heigh: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
3 Sizes: B83/W56/H85
Blood type: AB
Likes: Spicy foods, spiders
Dislikes: Boring people, rules
Occupation/background: Spy for S.I.N.
Special skill: She never forgets a path she's taken once
Fighting style: Taekwondo, Feng Shui Engine-powered ki attacks

Next, here's a look at Juri in motion, as we see her intro, some moves and her brutal and sexy Ultra move. This babe has some fancy footwork which footfans are sure to enjoy... plus her bad girl attitude is irresistible. Awesome!

Sexy and lethal... Juri Han is one wicked lady.

Juri shows off her moves. I LOVE her Ultra and her Idle animations!

I can't wait for this SFIV upgrade!!! Juri looks pretty awesome and her moves are damn sexy as she lets her feet do most of her work. As expected, she's a truly wicked and provocative villainess and that just makes her all the more hotter. I really hope she has win poses or animations that really show off her dominating postures with her feet- she's surely a babe MADE for foot fans! I can't wait to both play as and against her. Super Street Fighter IV is set for a release in early Spring 2010 on PS3 and Xbox360- there apparently won't be an arcade release, so this shouldn't take too long to arrive. Barefoot fans are looking to be very indeed happy next year!

Juri (Streetfighter)

The sinister and sexy Juri makes her barefoot debut!

It's always awesome whenever a new barefoot babe in videogames is discovered! To make her debut in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV is the lithe and lovely Juri. Juri's entrance makes for a couple of firsts- she's the first Korean national to join the World Warrior Tournament (she's from South Korea), as well as the first Taekwondo fighter to trade kicks with Ryu and the SF crew. Also, well... she's the first barefoot babe in the 3-D Streetfighter IV (and hopefully not the last!).

Looking at the pics below, I think it's pretty obvious that this bodacious barefoot babe has a wicked feel to her- indeed, her bio states that she is an employee of S.I.N., the malevolent weapons-development arm of Shadaloo that served as the primary antagonist in Streetfighter IV. This makes her a villain, which only makes her all the hotter for me, of course- barefoot bad girls ROCK. Heheh. Anyway, we don't know much about this new hottie, except that she is surely a dominating diva who will readily stomp on us and have us groveling and worshipping at her sexy, deadly feet. Of course, we'll surely submit if it means we can service her toes and soles with kisses and foot massages. The great thing at least about the art style in the game is that we can be sure that Juri's feet will be big and beautifully detailed for us to ogle and enjoy.

So far the only actual footage of Juri so far is glimpsed in a video interview with SFIV producer, Yoshinori Ono. However, a full trailer for SSFIV with more good stuff is expected very soon. For now, check out these pics of the lovely Juri in action!

Instep guard fans will LOVE Juri. Hopefully she'll be totally barefoot in her alternate outfit.

Juri's no good girl- she'd definitely one wicked woman!

Gotta love how limber she is. Nice peek of her sole!

Juri grinds Bison's face under her soles with this sexy stomp... awesome!

She's ready to dish out the pain with her deadly feet!

And it gets even better, footfans. Rumor has it that barefoot hotties Ibuki and Makoto from Streetfighter III are going to appear in SSFIV as well! But let's save the celebrations for when we actually have confirmation via screens and/or video. For now, Juri at least makes SSFIV something to look forward to when it releases on PS3 and Xbox360 early next year in Spring 2010.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Giganta (DC Universe) + GTS Crush Clip (Keroro Gunsou)

Giantesses are awesome. Barefoot giantesses are Out of this World Awesome. Any barefoot fan would no doubt just stand slack-jawed in amazement if a gigantic, beautiful and barefoot babe stepped in front of him, her huge and perfect feet the size of a truck before his eyes. It's our object of titillation magnified many times over and surely the pleasure of seeing them would be thusly augmented as well. As giantesses go, one name is easy to come to mind- Giganta, from the DC Comics Universe. She's the red-haired vixen in the ripped yellow dress/outfit, bare-handed and barefoot save for some groovy anklets or bracelets. The more mature among us will probably remember her appearances in the Superfriends cartoons. I have to say that her incarnation then left a lot to be desired- she was a bit mannish and built like a fridge, but she was still attractive at least. She was a lot sexier in the comics, as seen in the sample page above.

This barefoot vixen has long been a villainess in Wonder Woman's rogue's gallery, but unfortunately her appearances are relatively rare (but to be treasured if you find them) but full of great foot shots, as this giantess' favorite tactic is to crush her enemies beneath her enormous bare soles. For the most part though, she's easily dispatched, often knocked out by a flying superhero or some clever giant-killing tactic. Man, just thinking of her lying unconscious all over a street, her huge, unconscious bare feet before me makes me feel all a-tingly. Heheh.

Sadly we've rarely really seen Giganta in full glory; irritatingly her design has even been tampered with to make her wear shoes- both in the Justice League Unlimited cartoons and some comics. Thankfully though, she's been returned to her barefoot jungle girl appearance as of late.

Even better, she appears in the just-released Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie! Her appearance is short but oh, so sweet... with a truly wonderful sole shot and subsequent knockout. Too bad she suddenly vanishes afterward... the animators could have at least showed her unconscious bod in the background of the rest of the battle... oh well. Still, it's an awesome moment that makes this new DC movie worth watching for foot fans. Check it out here!

Now, Giganta may be a villainess, but she's surely not irredeemably evil... or at least, she's a woman who'll surely appreciate being worshipped for her larger-than-life beauty and totally hot feet and soles. What we'd all give surely to touch those gargantuan tootsies. Hopefully she'll let us kiss or even hug her huge toes and rub her soles, and perhaps even give those who love insoles a loving (and non-fatal) press. Let your GTS fantasies run wild. Enjoy!

Plus, as a bonus, here's a short but really sweet GTS clip from the Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Frog) anime. Mmm... why do frogs get squished by sexy barefoot babes so often?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Michelle (Onimusha)

Michelle's packing some heat.

From Onimusha 3: Demon Siege comes this pretty cool little secret. If you're good enough you'll unlock a particularly saucy alternate outfit for the lovely French policewoman and playable sub-character Michelle. The costume is, as you can see, a bath towel, making it look like Michelle rushed out to combat right from the shower. Nicely enough, she's barefoot in it so us foot fans will have a wonderful time appreciating this French beauty's assets.

Such a hottie would surely be a babe us footfans would worship, and we'd surely give her a soothing foot massage to comfort her as she lay unconscious after the skirmish. And some kisses on her soles and toes as well, I guess... but then, if she suddenly woke up and caught us, she'd probably throw us into the slammer. Still, maybe a kiss and caress on those heavenly feet may be worth some detention?

Olivia (God Hand)

From the quirky and somewhat flamboyant PS2 fighting game God Hand comes the lovely Olivia. Sidekick and part-time torturer to main hero Gene, this hottie spends the adventure steering him onwards on his quest to kick villain ass. The game is notorious for quite a bit of overt gay humor, and Gene himself seems to have some questionable preferences- mainly pointed out by mainly his indifference to Olivia's hotness. I mean, she's hot, sexy and smart... plus she's got a pair of incredibly kissable feet, as shown by this steamy cutscene which has some of the best sole shots I've yet seen in gaming.

Sugary Soles from the lovely Olivia.

So I'm pretty sure after taking one look at Olivia's feet, any foot fan will surely want to plaster kisses all over her fleshy, sexy soles, and on each and every squeaky-clean toe. We'll give her all the worshipping that dope Gene can't. Enjoy! Heheh...