Monday, August 31, 2009

Momohime (Murasame: The Demon Blade)

Tentacles and toes. Nice combination!

Here's a pretty sexy and risque illustration that has hit online recently. It's an artwork depicting the lovely Momohime, heroine from the 2-D fantasy action adventure on the Wii, Murasame: The Demon Blade, in trouble with tentacles. This image is featured on the latest issue of Play Magazine. Obviously, this pic should please fans of various persuasions, not the least of which are tentacle porn enthusiasts. But of course us barefoot fans will probably look past the tendrils and just enjoy Momohime's quite detailed and well-drawn bare foot. Too bad I probably won't be playing this game (as I don't own a Wii) but this hot and quite not-worksafe artwork is certainly something to be admired. Ah, sex and videogames. Gotta love it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Natasla (Champions: Return to Arms)

Natasla: Barefoot, bewitching and bitchy.

Back in the PS2 days, I loved the Champions of Norrath series. It was a nice Diablo-esque action RPG which had great graphics, addictive dungeon crawling hack-and-slash gameplay and... babes. In fact, you could customize the human or elf babe of your choice and have them run around in their undies and bare feet if you wanted. Of course this had its disadvantages- for one thing, you could easily get killed by running around armor-less (but going barefoot wasn't too bad), and the default view was a bit too zoomed out to enjoy your barefoot heroine's soles.

Natasla on the cover art for Champions: Return to Arms.

Anyway, aside from all the nameless adventurers this series let you spawn, the sequel game- Champions: Return to Arms gave us (at least at first) what appeared to be a sexy, barefoot hottie in the form of the dark sorceress Natasla. Seemingly the evil counterpart of Everquest's goody-two shoes elven icon Firiona Vey, Natasla tantalized adventurers to join the dark side early on in the game. Of course, any foot fan would surely pledge their allegiance to the barefoot sorceress immediately is she simply dangled and waved her flawless bare soles and toes before them (along with showers of kisses on her delectable digits as well).

A barefoot Natasla in an early screenshot of the game. The final version would sadly have her wearing boots.

Unfortunately, while Natasla is indeed barefoot in various illustrations and art for the game- notably the game's cover art, where the barefoot vixen is shown clashing with some generic warrior- apparently her design eventually changed with the final release version of the game. Ultimately, Natasla was given thigh-high boots, making for a decidedly less enticing temptress (save for leather boot fetishists, I guess). In any case, you never really interact much with her, save for that one 'choose your allegiance' scene.
But at least we do have several pieces of lovely art to inspire us and let images of Natasla's feet waving tantalizingly in front of our faces. Surely this diabolical diva is one barefoot game babe whom us foot fans will readily service with foot massages and kisses on every toe and sole, spellbound or not. Ah, barefoot villainesses... so tempting indeed!

Natasla leading the forces of darkness.

The sexy, barefoot Natasla tussles with Firiona Vey for the soles, er, souls of gamers...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farah (Prince of Persia)

A princess just waiting for fans to service her sexy soles.

As enticing and alluring barefoot damsels in distress are, I much prefer my princesses to be kick-ass as well as shoeless. Such is the exotic and beautiful Princess Farah, from the Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Though kidnapped and taken to a foreign land, she's not content to sit quietly in an ivory minaret or cushioned harem. Nope, the feisty Farah breaks out and soon becomes the Prince's ally throughout the adventure in The Two Thrones. Thoughts of this sexy archer flitting silently about, soft soles gliding across marbled floors, fills me with pleasure. Unfortunately her role is limited to merely appearing in cutscenes, none of which really show off her lovely feet adequately. In fact, the best appearance of Farah's sexy, barefoot incarnation is in a trailer (shown below), which nicely shows off the princess' kissable, soft-looking bare soles.

Here's a better look at TTT's barefoot Farah in action...thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Create-a-Soul mode! Farah drops her bow in favor of a sword and takes on another barefoot PoP babe, Elika!

Even so, surely the beautiful Farah is a barefoot babe that deserves to be protected from all the forces of evil seeking her demise, and if I were the Prince I'd comfort her with long foot massages and perhaps even serve as a footstool for her royal peds to rest on. What a happy ending that would be!

This barefoot princess is looking to send a shaft through every footfan's heart.